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If you’re interested in being a contributing writer with Social Growr, then we would love to hear your article ideas.

Become a Contributing Writer

We are looking for freelance writers that know how to perform in-depth research about various topics related to digital marketing, social media marketing, and small business tips.

If your writing style is clear, concise, engaging, and provides good examples, then you may be a good fit with us.

We are especially interested in contributors with previous experience. Feel free to send us writing samples from previously published pieces.

We would love to see your published work in action!

Your article submissions should be 100% original and will be run through CopyScape to ensure that it is not plagiarized. When you submit your posts, you are automatically giving us permission to publish.

If your article submissions are accepted for publication, then we will notify you within two weeks of receiving your submission. We will likely respond with our suggested edits and a publish date for your post. If you submit an article and you do not hear back within two weeks, then your article submission has been rejected.

But don’t worry! You can submit an article again any time.

Tips For Writing Articles That Are Accepted For Publication

If you’ve got a killer article idea, a burning passion for writing, and a knack for small business success on social media channels, then we want to meet you!

Even so, we can’t publish every piece that we receive. If you’d like to increase your chances of being accepted for publication, then follow these general tips:

  • Use an engaging and all natural writing style as you create your content. Read your article aloud to see if it sounds like something that you’d say to your friend. If not, then try tweaking it to sound more natural.
  • Our audience is made up of people between the ages of 25 and 45, the majority are women, and all are interested in growing their social media channels. Some may have a blog and others may be small business owners. They are likely here to learn more about how to improve their social media marketing, so please write for this particular audience.
  • Use clear examples based on experience to help make your blog post more relatable. Please do not go too deep into story-telling, though, as that can sometimes lead to a long and off topic blog post.

Check your writing for grammar and spelling errors. Any good copywriter must be able to write without errors!

Topics That we Are Interested in

Ready to send us your pitch? Good, we can’t wait to hear about it. Before you do, though, please be sure that it is relevant and of interest to our audience. Your piece should be about one of the following topics:

  • social media topics, especially related to Instagram
  • best tools for Instagram
  • content and digital marketing
  • email marketing for small business owners
  • search engine optimization for ecommerce shops and small business owners
  • best tools for social media marketing
  • how to improve social media profiles

Guidelines for Submitting Guest Posts

If your submission does not follow the guidelines, we will (unfortunately) not be able to include it. When you submit your guest post proposal, please include

  • 800-1500 words
  • basic keyword research for your focus topic (please read this article for an idea of how to perform keyword research)
  • perfect grammar and spelling
  • please do not include any spammy links or product placements (our readers know that they can rely on us for quality information and recommendations, so we have the right to exclude anything that we do not feel is a good fit for our blog)
  • an author bio, which can include links to your social media profiles
  • please follow this formatting guideline to increase your chances of getting published

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