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The History Of Social Media

  Your first memory of social media is, of course, very much determined by your age. Teenagers and some young adults likely won’t remember a world without Facebook, Twitter and possibly Myspace. Thirty-somethings might have fond memories of pioneering social platforms such as Friendster and even early blogging. And for the rest of us? Our […]

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How People Use Facebook in Their Job Search

The LinkHumans team recently conducted a survey to understand if people use Facebook when looking for a job and if yes how they would use it. They found the results interesting and decided to create a short infographic to present them in a nice way. In a nutshell – you’ll find out that people don’t really use […]

7 Reasons Why Instagram Stories Are Not Working For You

7 Reasons Why Instagram Stories Are Not Working For You

For brands that keep up with social media, the newest fad and opportunity in social networking platforms for marketing is Stories. Social media platforms have been changing continuously since they first entered the online scene. As more people join these social networking platforms, businesses have realised the incredible opportunities that this presents. But like with […]

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