Social Media Mistakes

5 Social Media Mistakes Job Seekers Need To Avoid

For many job seekers, the Internet presents two very different worlds. One consists of hanging out with friends via social networking, and the other focuses on the seriousness of a job search. Having the worlds collide could result in the playful social media environment posing problems for a job search since many employers conduct online research to determine […]

Social Media Recruiting

7 Benefits Of Effective Social Media Recruiting

According to a recent CareerBuilder publication using social media recruiting has a lot of benefits. Highlighted below are the top 7 of such benefits:   1. Better Candidate Quality Social media recruiting brings recruiters/hiring managers to encounter candidates who frequently use social networks are not only tech-savvy, but they can keep up with the trend toward social […]

history of social media

The History Of Social Media

Your first memory of social media is, of course, very much determined by your age. Teenagers and some young adults likely won’t remember a world without Facebook, Twitter and possibly Myspace. Thirty-somethings might have fond memories of pioneering social platforms such as Friendster and even early blogging. And for the rest of us? Our first […]

5 proven Tactics On How To Stop Losing Followers On Instagram

5 proven Tactics On How To Stop Losing Followers On Instagram

Instagram is quickly becoming the number one social media marketing tool for entrepreneurs and businesses. Therefore, it’s crucial for individuals and business organizations to make sure that they are fully utilizing this platform. This includes making sure that they retain the followers that they get. Yes, figuring out how to stop losing followers is a […]

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