5 Must Read Tips On How Any Service Business Can Achieve Insane Growth With Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, and almost everyone is on Facebook these days. There are over 2.32 billion monthly active users. The latest reports show that 1.52 billion people log onto Facebook on a daily basis. With such massive numbers, it’s just logic why businesses desperately want to use this platform to promote their brands.

The problem is, according to Small Business TRENDS, 62% of small businesses report that they feel like their Facebook Ads miss their targets. This is a big blow to businesses. No one wants to be spending their money on something that isn’t working. The good news is, you don’t have to be part of the 62% anymore. Here, I’m going to share with you 5 tips to help your business successfully reach its target:

Creating Awareness

If you are to raise buzz and generate leads, creating awareness for your brand is the first step every new marketer should go through. This is more so because consumers, especially on the internet, tend to buy products and services from brands they are familiar with. Therefore, your first ad should always be something that will make potential customers realize that your brand exists. There are a few ways that can help create a first good impression for your brand, and you can achieve this as follows:

  • Write a blog or an article discussing the value your products and services will bring to the consumers. Then use this as an ad.
  • The other strategy is by creating a visual content such as a video or an image with a short explanation on your brand.

When designing an ad however, keep in mind that one of the key things to developing successful sales strategy is by knowing why consumers buy products. Therefore, it’s important for businesses to understand that there are so many ideas in the market, but not all fill in a need. So as brands design their ads, these are some of the principles that they should use to create a connection with the target market, if they are to successfully create brand awareness and generate traffic.

Start a relationship with your target audience

Now that you have introduced your brand to the target market, it’s time to plot for retargeting ads to get your customers to officially buy your products. This is another area where brands fail, thinking that it’s possible to just go for the sale right away and keep on hoping for the best. While this is not the case, you want to give your potential customers something that is less risky and at the same time making sure they pay for it.

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Start a conversation aimed at developing a long-standing relationship. Your conversation should be about what is important to your customers and what engages them beforehand. One of the best ways to do this is by exchanging emails. This way you get to start a conversation with them. You also get to do a follow-up with your clients. See, most people once they purchase something from someone, they are more likely to do it again.

Using audience insights to understand the market trend

Insights can be quite helpful when using Facebook Ads. Audience insights helps you learn a specific target audience before putting your ad budget on the line. They also help you find new potential clients, perhaps based on interests and characteristics of people who like and follow your page. If for instance I’m targeting a certain interest, say traveling, you can create an Ad to target people who have interests in the tourism sector.

What’s more, with the data provided by Audience Insights, you get the power to make proper decisions on who to target, as well as adjust your target audience with time based on the data.

Create quality content

Great and informative content is a very powerful and sure way to connect with your customers. Every business has a wealth of information, a story or an inspiration to share; be it in real estate, restaurants, hobbies or holidays. You can create great content by for instance making videos packed with crafting tips and ideas that will keep your audiences coming back for more.

What’s more, while creating contents, an important question to ask yourself is, your motive behind why you want people to follow your Facebook page or buy your products and services? Strive to give your customers a good reason to take action and make a purchase.

Some of the strategies businesses use to lure customers is by using competitions, promotions or even offers. However, one of the things most businesses struggle with when it comes to using Facebook Ads to grow is lack of a clear offer. Remember, before running ads, make sure you have a clear strategy that will convert your audience from becoming aware of your business to becoming regular paying customers. In addition, running offers and promotions will help your business reach out to wider audiences, and in return gaining new potential clients often within a very short period.

Engage customers in your story

One of the most important steps to achieve growth and see the effect of Facebook Ads, is by regularly engaging with your customers. Always encourage your clients to share their feedback about the products and services you provide to them. Ask them questions and let them give you their honest opinions on your brand. However, if they give you a negative feedback, don’t be frustrated. Simply ask them how you can improve to better your services in the future.

This will not only deepen your engagement, but you will also build trust and have the opportunity to reach out to wider audiences. Remember, happy customers are the ultimate assets of your business.

Facebook advertising is a great way that can make your business experience exponential growth and increase traffic with just little effort. However, with 62% of business owners not feeling confident with Facebook Ads, it’s hard to ignore those statistics especially when trying to decide if Facebook advertising is the right channel for your brand. However, if it is done the right way, businesses can reap noteworthy benefits of using Facebook to advertise their brands.