Why can’t I Make a Highlight on my Instagram Profile (Fixed!)

Many Instagram fans love creating Story Highlights. They use them to share their best moments or favorite things. But, what happens when you can’t add a highlight on Instagram? This issue often appears when Highlights won’t load or don’t update with new content. Users start to worry about updates, getting help from Instagram, and fixing the problem.

When trying to figure out why this happens, a few reasons come to light. It could be due to a weak internet connection, using an old app version, or occasional tech bugs. The good news is that fixing these problems is usually pretty straightforward. Saving Stories to your Archive is a key step. It keeps your Stories safe past the usual 24-hour limit. When your internet is slow, check your Wi-Fi or switch to your phone’s data. And don’t forget about the power of restarting your phone or tablet. This often clears up any app issues. If your app needs an update, don’t wait. Update it to access new features and fixes.

Key Takeaways

  • Always keep your Instagram app updated for the best performance.
  • Having a strong internet connection can help solve highlight loading issues.
  • Remember to use the ‘Save to Archive’ feature for Instagram highlights.
  • If simple steps don’t work, Instagram support is there to help.

Understanding Instagram’s Highlight Feature and Common Issues

Creating Instagram highlights is key for users to share their best stories longer than 24 hours. It makes their profile more engaging and organized. Users can keep their best ‘Instagram Story Highlights’ on their profile.

What Is an Instagram Highlight?

An Instagram Highlight is a collection of old stories a user wants to keep on their profile. These highlights use the Instagram archive to show important moments. They are key for personal or brand stories. Without this, stories would disappear, adding lasting value to the profile.

Common Reasons for Highlight Problems

Instagram Story Highlights may not work well because of certain issues. Bad network, using an old app version, and Instagram bugs can stop them from showing up or working right.

  • Poor Internet Connection: Bad network can mean trouble loading highlights.
  • Outdated Instagram App: A not updated app may have issues with highlights.
  • Caching Problems: Sometimes, fixing cache on Android or offloading the app on iPhones helps with display problems.
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User Experiences with Instagram Highlight Glitches

People often talk about highlight problems on social media and forums. They describe issues like the cover showing the wrong image. They offer tips like reinstalling, updating, or changing certain settings. This can improve Instagram highlight performance.

“My highlight cover switched to a random image. I couldn’t change it back. Updating and restarting the app fixed it,” said an Instagram user.

Knowing about these Instagram features and issues helps everyone use social media better. If problems persist, contacting Instagram’s support is a good step. This ensures the profile looks and works as desired.

Why Can’t I Make a Highlight on Instagram: Potential Fixes

Having trouble making an Instagram Highlight can be annoying. It’s often because of instagram app limitations and instagram feature restrictions. If your highlights won’t load right or you can’t make new ones, try these solutions. They tackle common instagram troubleshooting issues.

instagram troubleshooting

  • Update your Instagram app to ensure you have the latest features and bug fixes.
  • Enable the ‘Save to Archive’ feature in your settings to keep stories available for highlights.
  • Restart your device to clear temporary glitches that might be affecting the app’s performance.

If you’re still having issues, changing your internet settings might help. This is good for problems that stop highlights from loading. Try switching from Wi-Fi to cellular data. This could fix any connectivity trouble.

“Ensure your internet connection is stable. A poor connection is often the culprit behind loading issues with Instagram Highlights.”

Advanced Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Clear the Instagram cache (Android) or offload the app (iPhone) to free up space and refresh the app’s operation.
  2. Log out and then log back into your Instagram account to reset app settings.
  3. If issues persist, uninstalling and reinstalling Instagram can help by providing a fresh start.

These steps are often successful, but not always. Some issues are due to instagram feature restrictions and instagram app limitations. If you’re still experiencing issues, contacting Instagram support might help. They can give you advice specific to your account and device.

Instagram updates regularly to make the app better. Keeping your app up to date is key for a good experience. By following these tips, working with Instagram Highlights should be smoother. This way, your profile will reflect your top moments well.

Step-by-Step Troubleshooting for Instagram Highlights

Instagram highlights help people save and share their stories longer instead of them disappearing after 24 hours. But, what happens when these stories won’t load? It can really mess up someone’s profile. We have steps to help you fix your Instagram highlights, so they move smoothly again.

Ensuring Proper Settings: Save to Archive

First, check if you have the right setup. Highlights need your stories to be saved in your archive to work well. Go to your settings, check if ‘Save to Archive’ is on. This easy step might be all you need to fix your highlight troubles.

Restarting the App and Device to Clear Glitches

A hidden glitch or small error might mess with your highlights. A simple tip is to restart the app or even your phone. It can clear up any small issues and get your highlights back on track.

Network Issues and App Updates

Bad internet can cause problems with apps. If Wi-Fi is acting up, try turning it off and on again. Reboot your router or switch networks for a quick fix. Also, always update your app to the latest version. Updates not only add new stuff but also fix problems like highlight malfunctions.

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Clearing Cache and Data Reinstallation Strategies

On Android, try clearing the app’s cache. This gets rid of any leftover data that could be slowing things down. IPhone users can offload the app to refresh it. If that doesn’t work, a fresh install might do the trick. For really stubborn issues, completely removing and reinstalling Instagram is your last option. If none of these methods work, don’t be afraid to ask Instagram for help.


Why can’t I make a highlight on my Instagram profile?

If you can’t make a highlight, check your internet first, then update the app. Make sure ‘Save to Archive’ is on. Also, app glitches could be the issue.

What is an Instagram Highlight?

An Instagram Highlight saves your stories for longer display on your profile. It keeps your favorite moments visible beyond their usual 24 hours.

What are common reasons for problems with Instagram Highlights?

Issues with Highlights often come from bad internet, app bugs, or app function glitches.

What user experiences are common with Instagram Highlight glitches?

People find problems like Highlights not loading or stuck cover images. They find this frustrating, needing fixes from Instagram.

How do I fix my Instagram Highlights if I’m encountering issues?

First, update the app and turn on ‘Save to Archive’. Restart your phone and check the internet. Android users can clear the app’s cache. iPhone users may need to reinstall the app or log out and in.

How can I ensure the ‘Save to Archive’ setting is enabled for Instagram Stories?

To make sure you’re saving stories, go to your profile and tap the three lines. Then, choose ‘Settings’, ‘Privacy’, and ‘Story’. Turn on ‘Save to Archive’ here.

What should I do if restarting the app doesn’t fix the glitch?

If a restart doesn’t work, clear the cache (Android) or offload the app (iPhone). If it still doesn’t work, try logging in again or reinstall the app.

How can network issues affect Instagram Highlights, and how do I resolve them?

Bad networks can make your Highlights not load. Fix it by ensuring your Wi-Fi or network is strong. Try turning them off and on.

What are the steps for clearing cache on Android to fix Instagram Highlights?

For Android, go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Apps & notifications’. Find ‘Instagram’, then ‘Storage’, and choose ‘Clear Cache’. This can fix issues by deleting temporary data.

When should I contact Instagram support for help with Highlights?

If after all steps, your Highlights still don’t work, reach out to Instagram support for more help.