history of social media

The History Of Social Media

  Your first memory of social media is, of course, very much determined by your age. Teenagers and some young adults likely won’t remember a world without Facebook, Twitter and possibly Myspace. Thirty-somethings might have fond memories of pioneering social platforms such as Friendster and even early blogging. And for the rest of us? Our […]

top talent

5 Ways To Source Tomorrow’s Top Talent

Today’s talent market is a new frontier. We’ve moved beyond traditional sourcing techniques – things like billboards and cold calls – to address advances in technology, skills shortages, shifting global dynamics, and increased competition. And amidst all the change, one thing has become clear: Sourcing success demands adaptation and innovation. If you want to be the company […]

The Social Recruiting Pocket Guide

Social recruiting gives recruiters a human face, letting you engage candidates with direct conversation and attract talent that is well-matched to your business. And as more human resources professional embrace social recruiting, it’s becoming increasingly popular. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google and even Pinterest have all become go-to resources for recruiters who are trying to vet every […]