7 Benefits Of Effective Social Media Recruiting

According to a recent CareerBuilder publication using social media recruiting has a lot of benefits. Highlighted below are the top 7 of such benefits: 1. Better Candidate Quality Social media recruiting brings recruiters/hiring managers to encounter candidates who frequently use social networks are not only tech-savvy, but they can keep up with the trend toward social media. […]

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How People Use Facebook in Their Job Search

The LinkHumans team recently conducted a survey to understand if people use Facebook when looking for a job and if yes how they would use it. They found the results interesting and decided to create a short infographic to present them in a nice way. In a nutshell – you’ll find out that people don’t really use […]

Social Resumes

Use of Social Resumes In Recruiting

Social resumes is fast replacing  traditional resumes today. Social resumes are usually in digital forms and potential employees can use them to impress recruiters that their are social media savvy thereby standing themselves out from the crowd of job seekers. When you create your social resume, you are, in essence, creating an online presence as a person […]

How To Use YouTube For Recruiting

YouTube is a highly underutilized social network when it comes to recruiting. A lot of companies have jumped into the social recruiting feast with recruiting on Facebook and twitter. But have you included YouTube in your social recruiting mix? You would need to include YouTube in your social recruiting strategy as it is the third most trafficked website in the world, […]

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5 Ways To Source Tomorrow’s Top Talent

Today’s talent market is a new frontier. We’ve moved beyond traditional sourcing techniques – things like billboards and cold calls – to address advances in technology, skills shortages, shifting global dynamics, and increased competition. And amidst all the change, one thing has become clear: Sourcing success demands adaptation and innovation. If you want to be the company […]

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