How to Fix “Your Post could not be Shared” Issue on Instagram

If you use Instagram, you might have seen the message “Your Post could not be Shared.” With 500 million people sharing Stories daily, many face this issue. It’s frustrating when you can’t share a special moment or promote something.

You could hit a wall when you want to share something amazing. This issue comes from different places, like private account settings or old app versions. But, there are simple fixes. You can update the app, clear your device’s cache, or make space on your phone. These steps will help you get back to sharing smoothly.

Key Takeaways

  • Regularly updating your Instagram app can prevent many sharing issues.
  • Posts from private accounts cannot be shared, affecting content distribution.
  • The maximum file size for images should not exceed 15 MB.
  • For optimal presentation, adhere to Instagram’s recommended post dimensions.
  • Clearing the cache or troubleshooting with Instagram support can resolve post-sharing errors.
  • Keep your device’s storage in check to avoid glitches that impact app performance.

Understanding Complexities Behind Posting on Instagram

Instagram is great for sharing and getting together online. But, some users have a hard time sharing content. Knowing these problems is important for solving them.

Factors Leading to Sharing Issues

Sharing issues on Instagram happen for many reasons. Settings on your account can make your posts private. Or, you might not be able to share at all. Content also might not be sharable due to where it’s from or who owns it.

Issues could get worse with old app versions or bad internet. Also, too many accounts open at once can cause problems.

Common Error Messages Encountered

People often see messages like “Your post couldn’t be shared. Try again.” They also spot, “Post problem. Try later.” These hints point to various issues, such as connection troubles and possible bugs.

Identifying If It’s an App Glitch or User Error

Figuring out if there’s a sharing issue on Instagram involves looking at details. App bugs might need a restart or an update. But, things like privacy settings or wrong content are up to the user to fix.

Checking Instagram’s server and rules will show if it’s a wider problem or just you.

In the end, knowing the cause of a unable to share Instagram post issue is half the battle. It might be your settings, the app, or other limits. Understanding these points helps break through sharing barriers on Instagram.

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Proven Solutions to Resolve “instagram your post could not be shared”

It’s annoying when you run into the Instagram post sharing issue. You might not be able to share posts that are ready for your followers. First, check your privacy settings. Making sure they are set up right could fix the issue quickly.

Using copyrighted material is often the problem. Instagram can spot these and won’t let you share them. Be careful. Use your own photos or make sure you have permission to share others. To learn more about this, check out these guidelines on Instagram’s sharing rules.

Problems with your internet could also stop you from sharing. If your connection is weak, Instagram might not upload your posts. Fixing your internet could quicky solve this problem.

For Android users, clearing the app’s cache is often a good solution. It can make your Instagram run smoother and without issues.

  • Always keep your Instagram app updated.
  • Make sure your device has enough space for the app to work properly.
  • Regularly update your phone and the Instagram app.
  • Follow Instagram’s rules to avoid sharing problems.

If nothing else works, you may have to try more extreme solutions. You could delete and reinstall Instagram. Or try using Instagram’s website to share your posts. That sometimes works better than the app.

If the problem keeps happening, you should tell Instagram about it. Look for a way to contact their support in the app. They may have a specific fix for your sharing issue.

Instagram post sharing issue solutions

Using these tips can help you get past the challenges of not being able to share on Instagram. They’ll make your time on the platform more trouble-free.


If you’ve ever had trouble sharing an Instagram post, the good news is that fixes are not far off. First, make sure your photos fit Instagram’s size limits (under 1936 x 1936 pixels for photos and 1920 x 1080 pixels for videos, and they last 3 to 60 seconds). This can solve a lot of posting issues.

Sometimes, you might need to clear the app’s cache or even restart your device. Instagram does a lot in the background to keep things running smoothly. This includes things like keeping out harmful content and stopping spam. It’s all for a better user experience.

Know that some features, like sharing to Stories, are only available for public accounts. So, if you’re wondering why your Instagram post isn’t shareable, check your privacy settings. The key might be making sure your account isn’t set to private.

You can also try changing your account settings or logging in from a different device. Sometimes, just turning on an option to allow resharing is enough to fix the problem.

To avoid sharing issues down the road, stay up to date with Instagram’s changes. Also, don’t forget about Instagram’s help center and user community. They can offer more advice. For big issues, like when your Instagram won’t let you post, try solutions from similar problems on other apps, like WhatsApp. With a little patience and attention to detail, most issues can be solved quickly.


Why can’t I share a post to my Instagram story?

You might not be able to share a post on your story for a few reasons. This could be because the account is private, or sharing is turned off. It could also be due to copyright or location limits. Technical issues like bad internet can also stop you.

How do I enable the option to share posts on Instagram?

To allow post sharing, first, look at your privacy settings. Make sure sharing is allowed. To do this, go to your profile, click the three lines, then ‘Settings.’ Under ‘Privacy,’ find the story sharing option.

What should I do if I’m facing the "Your post could not be shared" issue?

First, check your internet and update the Instagram app. If it keeps happening, try clearing the app cache or checking your phone’s storage. You could also uninstall and then reinstall the app. If it’s still not fixed, report the issue in the app’s settings under ‘Help.’

How do I know if an Instagram post is not shareable due to copyright restrictions?

If you can’t share a post, it might have copyrighted content. Instagram usually stops you from sharing these posts. To avoid issues, make sure the content you post doesn’t violate copyright rules.

Can I share a post from a private Instagram account?

You can’t share posts from private accounts with those who don’t follow them. Instagram keeps private accounts’ posts limited to just their followers.

What does the "Can’t share post to Story" error message mean?

This error often shows up when you can’t share a post because its sharing feature is off or the account is private. It might also be a small issue with the app. Try to check the privacy settings or share it later to see if it works then.

How can I fix the Instagram post sharing issue on an Android device?

For Android, you can try fixing sharing issues by clearing the app’s cache. Go to ‘Settings,’ ‘Apps,’ select Instagram, and then ‘Clear Cache.’ Also, make sure your device has enough storage and the app is up to date. Restarting your device could also solve the problem.

What steps should I take if I encounter a sharing problem with an Instagram post?

If you have trouble sharing a post, first ensure the content is shareable. Then, check your internet, update the app, and clear cache (if needed). Restart your device. If that doesn’t work, contact Instagram for help.

Why does the error message "There was a problem with your Instagram post" appear?

You may see this error message due to upload or sharing issues. It could be bad internet, post restrictions, an old app version, or a bug. Try typical steps like checking your internet or updating the app to fix it.

Can server problems cause post sharing errors on Instagram?

Server problems can indeed lead to sharing errors on Instagram. These times are out of user’s hands, and waiting for Instagram to fix it is usually the best step. During these issues, some features might be temporarily down, including sharing posts.