Why is Instagram Following Count Not Updating (Fixed!)

Are you seeing your Instagram follower count stuck? Maybe your Instagram followers aren’t going up. It’s a common issue on the social network. This can happen for many reasons. Your Instagram followers might not update due to glitches. Or the number of people you follow might not change because of server troubles. For those who use Instagram to share content or market products, these numbers are important. They show how many people you can reach and influence.

Instagram’s Insights tool can help by showing your follower count changes over the past week. This can highlight any trends in your audience. There’s also trendHERO, which offers even more detailed stats. If you’re facing the issue of your followers or following numbers not updating, try clearing the app’s cache. Updating your app to the newest version might also help fix the problem.

Increasing engagement with your followers through Instagram Stories can make you more visible. This might also prevent follower count issues. Famoid‘s Follower Count Checker is a handy tool for getting up-to-the-minute stats on your followers.

Key Takeaways

  • Look at your follower trends using Instagram Insights to spot changes over the past 7 days.
  • Opt for analytics services like trendHERO for a deep dive into your Instagram stats.
  • Fix follower count problems by clearing your Instagram app’s cache and updating it.
  • Use interactive stickers to boost engagement and maybe affect your follower numbers on Instagram Stories.
  • Check your follower count again with Famoid’s Instagram Follower Count Checker for a different perspective.
  • Watch out for updates on Instagram’s algorithms. If you see technical issues, let the support team know to keep your follower count accurate.

Understanding the Causes of Instagram Following Count Issues

Seeing your Instagram follower count not updating happens for a few reasons. Both technical and operational issues can make the count freeze. Users trying to increase their online presence find this frustrating.

Technical Glitches and Real-Time Delays

Instagram’s big network sometimes has real-time delays and glitches. These can make your Instagram follower count frozen. Server overloads or software issues cause these temporary pauses.

When a lot of people follow or the app updates, the problem can get worse. This slows down how quickly new followers show up on your account.

Cleanup of Bots and Spam Accounts

Instagram is committed to authenticity. So, it often cleans out bots and spam accounts. This is good for user interactions but can make follower numbers drop suddenly.

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If many fake accounts get removed, you might think your Instagram followers are not updating. This happens when the accounts no longer follow you.

Server Problems and Algorithmic Adjustments

Server issues can also freeze your Instagram follower count. Outages or bad server performance slow down updating for everyone. Changes in the app’s system to stop spam can also mistakenly affect your follower count.

These issues usually get fixed when Instagram updates its systems. Keeping your app up-to-date helps. If the problem continues, report it to Instagram’s support team.

instagram following count not updating: Troubleshooting Tips

Not seeing your Instagram followers increase? Several checks can help fix this problem. We will show you how to refresh your feed. This includes making sure you have the latest updates, clearing your cache, and improving how you interact online.

Refreshing Your Instagram Feed

If your Instagram following number not changing, start by refreshing your feed. Close the app and then open it again. This could help the app sync up with its server, showing the right follower count.

Checking for App Updates and Clearing Cache

Making sure your app is up to date is crucial. So, look for updates in the app store. A new version may have fixes for the Instagram follow count not updating issue. Also, clearing the app’s cache can fix wrong follower stats by removing old data.

Engagement Strategies to Mitigate Follower Count Discrepancies

Being active with followers can show the right numbers. Use Instagram Stories and add polls or emoji sliders. This makes your account more interactive and accurate in the follower count.

Maximize interaction by doing these:

  • Create polls with timely, intriguing questions.
  • Invite followers to participate in quizzes or send you questions.
  • Use countdowns for upcoming events or product launches to generate excitement.
  • Incorporate location stickers to broaden the reach and discoverability of posts.

These tips strengthen your online presence. They also attract new followers, helping to solve the Instagram following number not updating problem.

Instagram engagement strategies

If the issue continues, tools like Famoid or Instagram Insights can offer more help. They show detailed follower data, which might pinpoint the problem.

By following these steps, your Instagram count should display correctly. This makes your online experience better. Always being active online is the best way to keep your Instagram account exciting and accurate.


Instagram is a big deal in our online world. It shapes how both people and brands are seen. But, many face a confusing problem. Their Instagram follower count doesn’t update like it should. This can really worry people.

Most of the time, the issue is because Instagram cleans out fake or inactive accounts. This process can quickly change your follower count. Also, the service uses a special system that can only be accessed by businesses and creators. This system keeps track of our social media details.

In the past, technical issues and removing fake accounts caused big drops in numbers. Using apps that Instagram doesn’t approve can also mess up your follower count. These problems show why it’s better to connect with your followers honestly. Don’t try to grow your following in ways that aren’t real.

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Instagram is very strict about fake interaction. If you get caught, your account might be hidden or banned. Instead, you should focus on quality content and real engagement. This approach, plus using tools like SocialBu, can help keep your followers and engagement stable.

If you notice your Instagram followers not updating as they should, it can be worrying. But understanding this issue is key. Stay calm and use smart strategies. Also, tools like Instagram Insights can guide you through. Remember, changes in your follower count are quite normal now.

To have a strong online presence, always interact and post regularly. Using features like hashtags smartly can also help. What’s most important is building a genuine connection with your followers. This helps prevent losing followers and gives you a steady online image.


Why is my Instagram follower count stuck?

Your follower count might seem stuck due to technical issues or real-time updates. Also, Instagram sometimes cleans up fake accounts. You might need to update your app or face sync problems.

What causes Instagram follower count delays?

Delays happen because of many reasons. These include too many users at once, app bugs, or changes to fight spam.

How can I fix it if my Instagram follower count is not increasing?

To get your count up, refresh your feed and update the app. You should also clear the app cache. If it keeps happening, reach out to Instagram for help.

Why does my Instagram follower count seem frozen?

Technical problems on Instagram’s side or outdated app software can freeze the count. Updating your app can usually fix this.

How often does Instagram update follower counts?

Usually, your follower count is updated in real-time. Sometimes, though, it can be delayed.

Why is the number of people I’m following on Instagram not changing?

If changes don’t appear, it’s often due to a lag in updating. It could also be a simple app glitch that goes away with time or a refresh.

What should I do if my Instagram followers are not updating?

Start by closing and opening the app. Ensure you’re up-to-date and refresh the app by clearing the cache. Use Stories to interact more with your followers and encourage updates.

Can using third-party tools help with Instagram follow count issues?

Third-party tools can be a temporary solution. Famoid’s Instagram Follower Count Checker is one option. For the best data, use Instagram’s official tools.

How can I ensure my Instagram follower count is accurate?

Stay active and engaging on Instagram to keep your count right. Post often and use Stories. Always keep your app updated too.

Are there strategies to mitigate follower count discrepancies on Instagram?

Yes, post quality content regularly and use interactive Instagram features. This can help keep your follower count stable and more accurate.