5 proven Tactics On How To Stop Losing Followers On Instagram

Instagram is quickly becoming the number one social media marketing tool for entrepreneurs and businesses. Therefore, it’s crucial for individuals and business organizations to make sure that they are fully utilizing this platform. This includes making sure that they retain the followers that they get. Yes, figuring out how to stop losing followers is a big part of a working Instagram strategy.

With over one billion active monthly users and 500 million active daily users, it is not surprising that everyone is fighting tooth and nail to get a fraction of these users. And with the dawning of each new day, marketers are coming up with new ways of gaining followers and creative ways to stop losing followers. Any marketer that’s active on Instagram will tell you that losing followers on the platform is a big problem, and not many understand the best methods of eliminating this problem or reducing its impact.

In an increasingly saturated market, the idea that you can get new followers only to lose them a little later is not altogether surprising. Perhaps more than any other time, brands are struggling to create a loyal following that would set their brand apart from the many others struggling to get noticed.

The following are time-tested methods you can implement today and make the initial steps towards making sure that every new follower you get will not find a reason to abandon your brand the first chance they get.

Improve the quality of your images

Stop Losing Followers On Instagram - Improve the quality of your imagesPosting low-quality images is the fastest way to lose your followers. You might be tempted to post low-quality content, perhaps just for the moment, but if you’re using Instagram for professional or business purposes, publishing low quality images will hurt your brand in the long run. You need to keep your imagery top-notch.

On the fastest growing visual platform abundant with competitors that are posting beautiful, eye-catching images, using images and photos that are too dark or too blurry will easily throw you out of the game. Post a number of these blurry images and you will see your once very loyal followers unfollow you and chase down your competitors. No one wants that!

Re-evaluate methods that you are using to grow your following

Besides posting great content on your Instagram account, perhaps you should counter-check the different methods you deploy to attract new followers. If you are engaging with other people’s content by liking, commenting, or following them so that they follow you back, you might want to make sure that you are engaging the right audience.

Targeting the right people who have a proven interest in your brand or niche is key. If you see a spike in unfollowers, try a new target audience and see what makes a difference for you. In summary, if all you attract are followers who aren’t interested in your posts, chances are, they won’t stick around for very long.

However, there are two major ways that can help you identify people with a proven interest in your niche:

  • See who is following and engaging your competitors and try to attract them by engaging them through liking and commenting on their posts. You can consider following them as well.
  • Look for specific hashtags in your niche and interact with audiences who are following and engaging with posts that contain those specific hashtags.

Socialize and engage with your audience

Socializing and engaging means liking or commenting to other people’s posts and stories. If all you do is post and wait for your followers to like and leave you a comment, then refuse to engage or respond to any of their comments, you are missing a big opportunity to grow your following. In fact, this behavior is likely to draw them away from your posts.

You need to make a connection with your followers in order to turn them from just mere followers into raving and life-long fans. Respond kindly to their comments and follow some of your followers who post content that you are interested to see and leave them thoughtful comments.

This is the best way to connect with them, and they are less likely to unfollow you because they feel a personal connection with you. In addition, these people are more likely to sign up to your email list where you have a chance to turn them into long term customers.

Share regularly to stop losing followers

Instagram is a community, and if you are an account holder, you constantly need to take part in the community. While you might be thinking that sharing too little may play a role in retaining your followers, the opposite holds true. Sharing too little may lead you to losing a great number of followers.

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Let’s say for example, you attract people to follow your page and then you disappear and stop sharing for a while. After, say 2 months, you publish a post and start sharing again. What do you think would be the first thought from your followers.

They will have a lot of questions and eventually start doubting if yours is a serious brand. Some will even doubt its very existence. The bottom line is, the only way to retain your followers is through sharing your content on a regular basis.

But don’t overshare or oversell

While sharing routinely is crucial to maintaining your followers, it’s not advisable to be posting content all day long. A mistake people make is to flood their Instagram accounts with lots of new posts. Ultimately, this frustrates their followers.

Incessant posting on Instagram will overwhelm your followers. Indeed, a good number of them will be silently infuriated by this and will make the decision to unfollow your brand. The rule of thumb is to limit what you post on your timeline to 1-3 posts daily.

Stop Losing Followers on Instagram - Overselling will infuriate your followers

Additionally, consider the most effective time to post on your Instagram account and leverage it.

Posting too many promotional posts is considered overselling your brand, product, or service and is a sure way of losing followers. If your account is full of posts that are always shouting “BUY MY STUFF!!” then you might as well be telling your followers to hit that unfollow button.

Instead, take a minute and think about you posting strategy. Figure out what it is about your brand that interests people. Draw the instagrammers into your brand storytelling and bring them along for the ride. This way they will want to support you, and of course, the thought of unfollowing your brand will not cross their minds.


Gaining an actively engaged following on any social media platform takes a lot of work. It can therefore be extremely frustrating to wake up one morning and find that the followers you thought you had have disappeared into the thin air. Yet, if that day ever comes, it most likely won’t be because of a single event.

Most followers will give your brand more than enough chances to put your act together. The continued disregard for the type of content they want to consume could get you to lose followers who were more than ready to buy your products. For brands that rely heavily on their following on Instagram, this is not a gamble they want to make. By following the above 5 tactics, you can shield your brand from losing followers you should not afford to lose.