Spring cleaning may have some deep roots. In some communities it is associated with a new beginning, perhaps sweeping off the old stuff and welcoming new ones. You also probably do some form of cleaning in your home, whether it’s giving your house a new look, or cleaning out your closet. Whichever the case, your house or your closet isn’t the only thing that needs spring cleaning. Our online lives also get cluttered just like our real ones. A good place to start decluttering and rearranging your online life is Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world. Currently, available data shows that it has over 1 billion active monthly users. For this reason, individuals and businesses that use the platform have increased the rate of publishing content on their accounts. This in turn can result in an accumulation of “stuff” that sometimes require you to clean up.

In addition, as individuals, you will over time increase the number of people you follow on the platform, making it increasingly impossible for you to see content from your favorite accounts and brands. Indeed, according to DMR, Instagram users miss 70% of their feeds. This can be one of the reasons why individuals and brands need to spring clean their profiles; they might be missing out on important updates.

From grit to sparkle, here are 5 simple but thoughtful tricks and tactics to help spring clean your Instagram profile for an effective reboot:

Set your goal

Before you can start getting rid of your old Instagram content, it is important to start by defining the exact goal you are aiming to achieve with your Instagram account. Do you want to use it for personal, business, or professional purposes? Take a look at your photo grid that makes up your profile, and the posts that you have published over the years and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is what I see aligning with my end goal?
  • Is my profile organized?
  • Are the colors and quality of images published aligned with my brand?
  • Would I hire myself after viewing my profile? (for users who intend to use their Instagram account for professional reasons)

Once you’ve got a feeling of what your Instagram profile is already doing, you can determine your goal and how to achieve it. If for example, your goal is to promote your brand, you can start by getting rid of those snapshots that you posted- perhaps about a wedding you attended, or a place that you traveled.

Do away with outdated content

Once you have established your goal, start purging unnecessary photos from your profile. You can do this by deleting images that don’t support your goal-be it because of their content, quality or style.

Something to keep in mind as you clear your photos: you don’t have to delete them; you can archive them using the Instagram’s archive tool. This tool allow users to remove images from public view while still providing the owner access to them. Archiving is one of the most effective way to clean your grid without permanently tossing away your photos.

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On the other hand, if you want to get rid of those photos that you’ve come to hate or that you would just rather forget, you can just press the delete option. Unlike archiving posts, all photos you delete will be “gone forever”. You won’t be able to access or see them again. Once your photo grid starts looking fresh and new, you can shift your focus to your profile picture and bio.

Clean up unnecessary feeds

Now that you got rid of old stuff from your profile, your next tackle should be your feed. Unfollowing accounts that don’t align with your goal in your feed can help users reclaim their Instagram. From photos that you were tagged in to accounts you followed which you no longer share common goals, it’s time to hit that unfollow button.

The process of unfollowing an account of Instagram is relatively easy. In addition, you can unfollow some of the hashtags you’ve been keeping tabs on for a while. Furthermore, in the event that you find it a bother to keep up with some of those accounts that keep bugging you with messages, etc., there is an option to block them. You can also report them to Instagram if they’re violating Instagram policies.

Fine tune the layout of your bio

At the heart of Instagram profile lies your Instagram bio. This is where you create the first impression of yourself or your brand that people who’ll visit your profile with get. As part of the spring cleaning process, brush off this section and start recreating it with new information about yourself or your brand.

According to Instagram guides, you only have 150 characters to introduce yourself and convince potential followers that you are worth the follow button. To do this, it is important that you be short and precise with your description of yourself or your brand. The following are a few tricks to help you cleverly layout your bio:

  • Use separate lines or bullet points- this is made possible by using apps on your mobile phone such as Evernote, then transfer that information to you bio.
  • Add in the relevant hashtags that were not there before.
  • Use emojis – this is a fun yet engaging way of getting your messages across.

Create New Habits

After you have cleared all the junk, and your bio is refined, it’s time for new habits. Stop publishing that meaningless content that you used to post. And here, meaningless content means any content that is generic, seems flat, or is uninspiring.

Remember, the moment you cleared away your old stuff, you created room for new content powered by a set of new habits to help you reach to your goals. Therefore, start developing strong social media strategies to help you better satisfy your customers’ needs.

Anything short of this and you stand the risk of going back to your old habits and in long run fail to fulfil your objectives.To help you achieve the desired results, consider:

  • Designating a savvy team to oversee your digital reputation
  • Discovering new tools to help with your publishing
  • Auditing your current marketing strategy to make sure you establish ROI


Brands and Individuals do spring cleaning for various reasons: from a change of goals, to establishing a new look, to rebooting your brand for a fresh start. Whatever the reason, following the tricks and tactics that we’ve discussed above will give your Instagram account a fresh new look and a brand new start. By getting rid of the dead weight, you can focus on your strategy and invite new growth opportunities your way.