In life, everybody is bound to make a mistake. And as fate would have it, the natural tendency to make mistakes extends even to social media users. While this is no big deal for an individual user, for brands and social media marketers, it’s a whole new ballgame. For them making too many errors and mistakes is a luxury that they should never afford as it would cost their businesses a great deal.

With over 2.77 billion people using social media today, it is evident that social media marketing (SMM) has become one of the most powerful marketing strategies that brands are using to generate leads and increase traffic. In fact, businesses that are not leveraging social media are missing out on great opportunities to reach out to their target audience.

With that in mind, there are common and repetitive mistakes that keeps on appearing time and time again, errors that if not taken care of, could reduce traffic and leave business opportunities unexplored. The following are some of the most common social media marketing mistakes that marketers and businesses should avoid at all costs.

Not listening to your audience

In social media marketing, knowing your audience is one of the things that marketers should focus their energy on. Listening to them is another that should be highly mastered. The biggest mistake comes in when your audience speaks but you don’t listen to them. You might be seeing those notifications on your dashboard, but they just represent a small fraction of the whole social dialogue surrounding your business, service, industry, products or competitors.

A study conducted by shows that 96% of people who discuss brands online do not actually follow them on social media. As such marketers and businesses should look beyond their feeds if they are to engage with more prospects. There are a few social media listening tools (such as Awario, Agorapulse, TweetDeck, and Keyhole) that can help you increase conversations which represents more opportunities for your brand. In addition, these tools offers other unique means of:

  • Analyzing a market
  • Gauging possible interest in new products and line
  • Highlighting consumer demographics
  • Reinforcing brand values
  • Tracking the health of your company
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction

Failure to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Just as you need to figure out your niche, product and target audience, its is important to also figure out your social media marketing strategy. You cannot be publishing random articles on your timeline every day hoping to attract new following, likes, shares as well as increase sales.

You need to be creative and think through the strategies that you need to follow if you are to keep up with your competitors. Broadening organic reach, as time passes by, has proven to be more challenging to businesses than ever. This so because platforms such as Facebook have changed to become pay-for-play platforms.

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This suggests that if businesses want to stimulate interest and grow their audience, they have to do so by investing in advertising. With social media advertisement, it’s easier to track engagements. As such, there is need to set clear goals that will define the success or failure of your campaign. How much you are willing to spend on your adverts? What’s your target audience? Asking yourself these questions will help you set those goals.

Having Multiple Social Media Accounts

Nowadays, owning multiple social sites have become a trend. Companies tend to have more than one account with different social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, all of which link to their main website. This is a common fault among social media marketers, as it has a tendency of confusing followers.

Remember, your audience and followers are not homogeneous. They are unique, and so they expect unique contents from you. In addition, this technique of operating multiple social media profiles can waste your valuable time as well as other resources. Instead, you should just focus your efforts in a direction that gets you real people to follow your company.

In some instances, improving ROI may require you to close social media accounts that are not performing or are not aligning with your business objectives.

Failure to Offer Real Value

One common pitfall that you should avoid, is to become so engrossed with pushing your brand instead of providing real value. While there’s belief that the smartest use of social media is exclusively to create awareness, social media users mostly gravitate to these platforms for engagement and interactions-but not to buy or purchase products.

To ensure you are providing value, one of the things you can do is to ensure you mix up your advertisements by perhaps sharing other relevant and topical contents. Create contents that tends to answer a question or to deliver a message that relates with your audience. Contents that are humorous, enlightening or that gives pause.

In addition, creating contents that can evoke an emotion or a reaction can generate more leads than direct sales messages.

Leaving Negative Feedback Unaddressed

Most brands and social media marketers issue lame excuses especially when they are addressing negative comments in their social media accounts. Some even fudge it or delete it, while some rectifies the situation by making apologies.

Everyone however, have the fear that negative feedback might spoil their reputation. This is one of the greatest risks you can take in social media marketing. Instead of apologizing, deleting or ignoring negative comments, brands should take them as opportunities to improve their services.

As such, businesses should see these feedback as a great chance to start conversations with the people who dropped them. Because sometimes the negative feedback are honest opinions about the user’s experience with your service or product. Seek to understand where the shortcomings are coming from and try to focus your energy in improving your weakness.

Similar to life mistakes, social media marketing mistakes are inevitable, but if repeated often, they might end up hurting your business in the long run. Therefore, avoiding all these common social media snags is necessary for brands if they are to generate traffic and influence followers. When you heed to these mistakes, you will have an edge on more opportunities than your competitors.