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We live in a social-media-driven world, the kind where everyone and their beloved pet has a thriving Instagram account and is surfing the web on a daily basis. While the SM culture is in full swing across the globe, so is the exponentially growing risk of malicious attacks on people’s accounts, putting their reputation, and oftentimes livelihood, in grave danger.

Just one breach in your security wall can spell disaster for your future on the platform, your reputation in the industry, and your ability to monetize your posts and maintain a positive revenue stream.

Needless to say at this point, keeping your SM accounts safe and secure as you grow in popularity is vital.

Internet fame comes at a cost, though, and you are bound to encounter persistent attacks on your firewall as you rise to prominence in the industry. With that in mind, here is what you need to know about social media and cybersecurity,

Minimize human error

No matter if you’re using social media to promote yourself as an influencer, or if you’re promoting your brand (which you should be doing), someone is bound to make a mistake at some point. Don’t worry, making mistakes is what humans do, it’s only natural, but you do want to minimize the chance of it happening as much as possible.

So first off, you want to get acquainted with your relevant social media platforms thoroughly, in order to minimize the chance of accidentally clicking the wrong button. Yes, it happens, and the consequences can be dire. Be sure to always monitor suspicious activity and stay clear of suspicious links and messages.

Optimize your privacy settings

Another essential precaution you can take that can significantly strengthen your SM firewall is to simply spend a little time optimizing your privacy and data protection settings across all relevant social media. Too often a data breach could have easily been avoided had the company just implemented stricter security measures across the board.

This opens up the company to every overzealous hacker in the online world, granting them unlimited access to sensitive data, such as customer information, putting the future of the entire company in danger. Needless to say, you want to deter any account hijackers by optimizing your privacy settings.

Protect yourself from malicious attacks

To say that the online world is rife with malicious software would be a grand understatement – it’s actually loaded to the brim. Between malware, adware, spyware, and ransomware permeating the digital realm on a daily basis and putting thousands of social media accounts at risk, the modern business has every right to tremble and pray to every deity out there that it won’t find itself in anyone’s crosshairs.

This is why a modern business should introduce every possible solution to keep its data safe, such as managed security, that encompasses frequent vulnerability scans, scans for sensitive data, and provides a centralized security platform for a clean overview and easy security management. Remember, there are plenty of precautions you can take on your own, but security software is purpose-built to keep your accounts as safe as possible.

Recognize phishing scams from a mile away

Phishing scams have become so persistent on social media and across the internet that everyone and their grandma have at least once been contacted by a Nigerian prince wanting to give them a small fortune for no viable reason. All with atrocious grammar, mind you! Whether it’s a Nigerian prince or a self-help book, all phishing scams have the same goal of scamming people into giving away their personal information, such as banking info and passwords.

Should a phishing scam find its way into your social media feed, you will do well not to so much as give it a second glance, let alone click on a tempting link. Alas, recognizing a phishing scam is oftentimes more difficult than it seems, which is why having a professional monitor your accounts is always a good idea.

Monitor your SM accounts is imperative

Speaking of monitoring your SM feeds, too often will an account get hijacked due to a lack of proper oversight and management. If a malicious virus penetrates your security measures due to negligence and infrequent security updates, it can spell disaster for your business. How, you ask? Malicious software doesn’t really care about your account, it cares about your followers and your reach.

If it manages to hijack your account, it can easily infect the accounts of your followers by posting in your name, acting as if you’ve mentioned them in a comment and then download yet another virus or app onto their computer. Before long, your reputation will be shattered, and your followers, gone with the wind.

Cybersecurity is no joke in the increasingly hostile online environment where private and business accounts are probed for weaknesses on a daily basis. With the risks of losing your SM accounts to hackers and software all too real, it’s time you took your social media security measures to the next level in order to pave the road to a successful future in the digital realm.

Lauren Wiseman

Lauren Wiseman is marketing specialist, contributor to  and entrepreneur. She helps clients grow their personal and professional brands in fast-changing and demanding market, strongly believing in a holistic approach to business.