7 Reasons Why Instagram Stories Are Not Working For You

For brands that keep up with social media, the newest fad and opportunity in social networking platforms for marketing is Stories.

Social media platforms have been changing continuously since they first entered the online scene. As more people join these social networking platforms, businesses have realised the incredible opportunities that this presents. But like with other platforms, users generally dislike ads. Indeed, many in social media would rather not have to deal with constant bombardment with ads. Therefore, they get into a tradition of ignoring the ads that these social networks serve them. This makes it increasingly difficult for marketers to get their message across to their target audiences.

For brands that keep up with social media, the newest fad and opportunity in social networking platforms for marketing is Stories. Indeed, all major social networking platforms now feature Stories, including YouTube. While many marketers have embraced this feature, they are yet to figure out how to ensure that they get their marketing messages out effectively. Could these seven reasons explain why Instagram Stories are not working for you?

Content without context

7 Reasons Why Instagram Stories Are Not Working For You - Content without contextJust like it is important to include a caption, so is it necessary to add text to the content you share on Instagram Stories. Imagine a person is sitting somewhere in an office at the waiting lobby.  They decide to use the Instagram app on their phone. Your story appears on their screen, but since it does not have any text, they cannot figure out the context. They are left wondering what it is all about. Most people watch Instagram Stories without sound. Available statistics show that 85% of Facebook users watch videos on the platform without sound. This is the same story on Instagram, and even more so on Instagram Stories. Without text, therefore, you lose the attention of many potential customers. This is why it is important to have a text on your story.

Instagram Stories that are too flashy

One of the biggest turn off for consumers is having Stories that are too flashy. And it’s not just Stories; ads too can be a big turn off. So, you probably want a story that will capture the attention of your audience without it being too brash and fancy, if you don’t wish for Instagram users to skip your content. That said, it is important to point out that this does not mean your Stories be all dull and gloomy. The balance is in finding eye-catching stories that are not too showy to raise any red flags. A study by Sprout Social’s 2017 Q2 Index shows that nearly three quarters of consumers will unfollow your brand if they think that your ads are annoying. This just shows you how important it is for you to use Instagram Stories without overstepping.

Your Stories are probably “too serious”

Instagram is mostly popular with young people. According to Statistica, 60.4% of all Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 24. For this demographic, creating marketing narratives that resonate with this age is extremely important. Your Stories must fit right into the millennials’ expectations. If the they think your stories are too serious they will most likely snub them. Find a way to tone down the seriousness of your posts. This will improve their consumption of your content on this platform.


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Uncompelling Stories

Just like any other story, Instagram Stories should be catchy and engaging. You have a few seconds to capture the attention of your follower. If your Stories are not immediately compelling, chances are that you will lose your opportunity to share your brand story or tell them about your products and services. Take time to refine your storytelling skills and redesign your Stories to immediately tell your follower something that would be interesting enough to make them want to engage further.

Poor quality graphics

7 Reasons Why Instagram Stories Are Not Working For You - Poor Quality GraphicsInstagram is big on quality graphics. Use poor quality images and videos and users start skipping your content. A considerable investment in finding and creating high quality graphics to publish on Instagram Stories often pays off. This might mean hiring a professional graphics guy that understands both your brand and your audience on Instagram and can create high quality graphics that best showcase your brand.

You post too many Stories

Too much of anything is poisonous. Post so many Instagram Stories and your users will have no choice but to skip them. A good number of your followers have a limited time to go through the Instagram Stories served to their news feed. Adding too many Stories will force them to skip them all to reach to the next batch of Stories from other brands that are not as overwhelming. Keep your Stories at a number that most people would not feel like a chore to view through. What’s more, adding too many Stories will obscure the more important messages you are trying to pass across to your followers on this platform.

You keep reposting old Stories

Most Instagram users are young and in search of entertainment whenever they open their Instagram app on their mobile devices. This is why your Stories should be fresh, well scripted and perfectly executed. When you repost an old photo or get into the tradition of reusing old posts, users who will realize this will start finding ways to avoid watching some of your stories. Some might mute your brand altogether. Find ways to keep your creative juices flowing, so that you can keep churning out new content that will keep helping you connect with your Instagram audience.