instagram marketing tips

There are a lot of different ways to get followers on Instagram, many of which are shared on social media marketing blogs all over the internet.

But if you’re not a major influencer, then it can seem nearly impossible to break into the #instafamous space.

Well, it’s not. Bloggers are using the social media platform to grow their audience and are real-life social media experts.

So I asked a few bloggers and social media experts about their favorite ways to get followers on Instagram. They kindly shared with me their own Instagram marketing techniques that work for them.

Skye Travels

Instagram is not the platform it used to be. While still a great place for influencers, building up a following and getting engagement takes a lot more work. New algorithms are constantly coming out that add to the challenge. But there are some basics to keep in mind to stay ahead of the curve.
First of all, don’t share every photo you take on Instagram. This is your portfolio and only your best pictures should be used. As much as possible, keep your wall consistent, and learn what types of photos your viewers like (high contrast, more blue, saturated, vintage, etc). Edit all your photos with a good app such as Snapseed or Lightroom. You can start by using filters, but learn how to adjust all the levels separately for a better image.
Don’t over or under post your photos, once a day is good. Find the right hashtags – some are used too much and some are never seen. Finally, the biggest tip is to maintain constant engagement. Spend time on Instagram everyday to like, comment on and follow others. The more you see them, the more they’ll see you. Build your loyal following and have fun.

Coleman Concierge

There are lots of subtle things that you can do wrong on Instagram. You can study to the finest minutia photo sizing, color scheme, hashtag placement, bio descriptions and so forth. All of these contribute to growing an audience, but at the end of the day, we make sure that we provide value to our readers. We do this with high-quality photos, entertaining and useful write-ups, and interaction on all comments, even if it is just liking the comment.
It is important to get the conversation started in the caption of each post you make. Ask a question, one the requires an answer more than 2 words. This strong call to action will help entice those who see your photo into starting a real conversation with you. It is also important to be mindful of the type of account you have, and what your specific niche is. If a post is off niche, we either don’t put it up at all, put it in IG stories, or put it onto secondary accounts.
Once we have a product that people might appreciate (we have an interesting, aesthetically pleasing feed), it’s a matter of getting folks attention.
We like to use a process we call “Insta-flirting.” You have three activities that can show your interest – likes, follows, and comments. As a general rule, we don’t drop random comments. It’s a little invasive if we don’t know you. We do like A LOT of pictures. It’s a great way to show appreciation, share some love, and make new friends.
Our classic “We really like you” is the 3-likes-and-a-follow. A block of likes coming in all at once helps us stand out in the crowd on busy accounts. It also shows we took the time to look into their account and find what interests us. We have had amazing returns with the 3L&F technique.

DIY Marketers

If you’re a small business owner who either hasn’t used Instagram or has used Instagram intermittently with a few posts here and there, the first step in your Instagram strategy has to be to get to KNOW Instagram.
Do some exploring and look for people in your industry or people who YOU think have an engaging profile. Start taking notes on what you like about their profile, what keeps you interested and coming back for more?
Here are a few tips on what I found in my Instagram journey to gain followers.
Think of Instagram as a visual diary.  Like any diary or blog or brand, it needs to have a personality and tell a story.  What kind of personality or story do you want to tell?  Another fun way to look at Instagram for your business is to see it as “virtual window shopping”.  In today’s virtual world, we do screen shopping more than window shopping.  So if you’re a business that has a visual story to tell, think of each Instagram photo as a virtual storefront.
Beautiful images, interesting descriptions that tell a story along with using as many relevant hashtags will put your Instagram profile in front of the right people and get you the right followers.


Instagram is a tricky social network. At its core, it is about authenticity and is focused on creating unique and real interactions. Pictures shared must be beautiful and real. Brands must be aware of this and avoid looking fake and produced. A good strategy for generating new followers is interacting with them, trying to look for key hashtags, and liking their posts frequently. You can even leave a customized comment on their page!

Lilach Bullock

In order to effectively increase your Instagram followers and engagement, you need to employ a variety of techniques; but most importantly, you need to be very active and engaged. That means posting new (and varied types) content every day, preferably several times a day, and engage with users by following other people, liking their content, and leaving comments – and, of course, responding to every comment you get as well. In order to improve your strategy – i.e. use better hashtags, post content that your audience wants, and so on – use your analytics religiously and research your hashtags. This data and your analytics can tell you what types of posts perform best, what hashtags get you the most reach, what types of posts don’t work, and so on, helping you optimise your Instagram strategy.