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You know those Instagram videos that seem to go viral as soon as they’re published?

You know the kind.

You see one during your lunch break as you’re aimlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed.

And by the afternoon you’ve already seen it three more times.

Before you even have the chance to talk about the video in real life, the whole world has already seen it.

It almost seems like sorcery the way the Instagram video views climb by the thousands as the minutes of the day seem to slowly creep on.

But it’s not sorcery, magic, or even luck.

Creating a viral Instagram video really comes down to basic formatting and a few cool visuals.

In fact, your entire Instagram video marketing campaign can all be done right on your smartphone.

Don’t believe me?

I reached out to Lumeo, a company that creates viral videos, to ask them for a few key pointers on how to create a viral video for Instagram.

You may have seen some of their work, here or here.

Judging from the number of social shares their videos received, I’d say that they know a thing or two about creating viral content.

They were kind enough to share their steps on how to create Instagram videos that go viral.

To help you create buzz-worthy videos for your Instagram business or account, I have put together their tips in this step-by-step guide.

How to Create Videos for Your Instagram Business or Brand

When it comes to content creation and social media marketing, it’s easy to get swept up in the creative process.

While it may be fun to let your ideas run wild, it can ultimately turn into a massive waste of time with barely noticeable rewards.

Instead, the guys at Lumeo suggest keeping a clear focus right from the start so that you can reuse your strategy for future videos.  

They say that “doing this will cut production time down by as much as 20% on all videos after Video #1.”

Once you have your Instagram template from Video #1, you’re ready to start regularly incorporating videos into your Instagram marketing strategy.

Not sure where to begin? Here are 5 simple steps to creating your next mind-blowing Instagram video:

Step 1: Define Your Goals for Your Instagram Idea

The very first step for creating photos and videos of any kind is to understand your goals for the content that you are creating.

Who are you trying to reach? What do you want to happen when your content reaches them?

More importantly, what do users want to see on their Instagram feeds and what will earn you the ever-coveted “double tap”?

As the team at Lumeo put it, “the currency on social media is content. So understand who you’re targeting and how you can generate interest in viewing.”
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If you’re not sure where to being, don’t stress. Simply look around at other Instagram accounts to see what is working for them. Take a peek at Instagram pictures and videos that generate a lot of engagement and see what you can use in your own videos.

After all, with the advent of technology, our attention spans are shorter than ever. If you can’t hook them within the first three seconds, then your video simply will not perform well.

So be sure to understand what your audience wants and how to deliver it to them.

Step 2: Write the Video Script

Once you come up with your idea for your video, you need to find a way to express that idea in a narrative format.


It sounds a bit counterintuitive, doesn’t it?

It’s not.

As mentioned above, attention spans are short. Super short. So adding text to your videos helps users understand what your video is about without having to sit through the whole thing.

The Lumeo team suggests breaking down the text into “bite-sized phrases to keep the user engaged” throughout the entire video.
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It can be tempting to cram as much text as possible into your posts but you must resist the urge. Remember that users are not interested in reading all that much or else they wouldn’t be hanging out on a photo and video sharing platform.

As you select text to use with your video, try to keep it short and sweet.

Step 3: Download Instagram Videos From the Internet

Perhaps the biggest misconception of all is that quality videos must be made from quality equipment and expensive subscription services.

Would you believe it if I told you that this is not only wildly incorrect but that you can source all of your content with no cost?

It’s true.

The guys at Lumeo say that as long as your Instagram account has fewer than 300,000 followers, you can source your videos right from YouTube.

The key is that you pull videos from users that do not have high view counts or high subscriber counts and always give credit where credit is due.

That’s just good social media marketing karma.

For instance, if you want to make a video for users interested in golf, then you might search for a few varied shots of the leisurely sport. A combination of few high-quality up close shots with some wide views of the entire green will provide more than enough visual content for your video.

After you find the videos that you like, convert them into downloadable mp4 files with an online converter, such as

Once you have all of your video clips and text ready to go, it’s time to create the video.

Step 4: Edit the Instagram Video Length and Text

You do not need a fancy Instagram video editor in order to make quality videos.

There are plenty of affordable video-editing software programs that you can use right on your smartphone.

While you probably won’t ever have the finesse or expertise that professional video makers can provide, you definitely can create something worth sharing on your platform. They can help you explore your creativity and test out different strategies on your audience until you’re ready to hire the big guns.

If you would like total creative freedom in your video making process, then you might like Splice, by GoPro. You can upload videos into the app, arrange them in whatever order you’d like, and add sounds all within the app.

Another incredible video-editing app is InShot Editor. With InShot, you can merge videos and photos, adjust the speed of the videos, add animated text at any given point in the video, and pair with a song that is included within the app.

And the music library is by far the best in-app library that any video-editing software has to offer.

With just a few taps of the finger, you can create a low cost, high-quality video ready for sharing.

Though you can upload a video that is up to 60 seconds, it is best to keep the video between 25 and 30 seconds. With a little bit of investigation, HubSpot found that Instagram videos that were 26 seconds long received the most engagement out of all other videos on Instagram.

Remember, user attention spans are short and spotty. They likely won’t watch anything after 30 seconds, anyway.

Step 5: Understand the Instagram Algorithm Changes

Social media is an incredible tool to connect with others and share your beautiful content. However, always keep in mind that you are sharing your content on someone else’s algorithm.

This means that your success largely depends on understanding that algorithm and learning how to make it work.

While the Instagram algorithm changes quite frequently, it seems as if engagement is a pretty important factor in pushing a post to the top of the feed.

The more likes and comments that you receive on your post, the more likely it will continue to spread.

Instagram marketing

How do you get likes and comments?

The first step is to include relevant hashtags. I’ve already written a pretty in-depth post about how to select the best hashtags for your Instagram account, which can help you increase your exposure on Instagram.

Another option to get more likes and comments as soon as you post is to join a comment pod or a Like-for-Like pod on Kik or Telegram. While these comments and likes are not necessarily from your target audience, they will help you “beat the algorithm” by generating lots of engagement as soon as your post goes live.

Once your target audience sees your post, the momentum will begin to pick up.

Be warned, though, these like and comment pods take a lot of work and only work well if you commit to them fully.


Keep in mind that what works for one Instagram account may not work for yours. The idea is to discover what currently works for accounts similar to yours, test it out on your audience, and see what sticks.

This could be an informative how-to video, and emotional explanatory video, or a fun and quirky educational video.

Carefully monitor your Instagram analytics to see what your audience responds to the most. Once you discover what your audience likes the most, run with it.

Because you know that you have great content.

And your audience wants to see great content.

So go for it.

You’ve just learned a few easy steps that you can take to make your very own video for Instagram so that you can get more Instagram followers.

And if you want more tips and guidance on how to create a viral video for Instagram, then reach out to Eric and Nick at Lumeo!