Hacking Social Media Marketing Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Are you feeling overwhelmed by social media marketing? Well, it happens to everyone. There comes a time when you just sit there, staring at your computer with no clue on what to post. Sometimes even feeling uninspired to publish any content on your social media accounts. As a marketer, this can be frustrating and detrimental to your social life.

A fair amount (83%) of social media marketers who actively manage social media accounts at one point have experienced burnout due to workload. Luckily, there are a few things that can be done to make social media marketing a little less overwhelming. Here are 11 tips that you can use to balance your social media life and still achieve great results.

Choose Platforms Carefully

While the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest and Snapchat are powerful social media tools for marketing your brand, it can be very hard to select the ones that would work best for you. You might be tempted to use them all, but that doesn’t mean you are going to achieve any success.

If you want to streamline your process and avoid stress, only focus your content on social networking sites that are working for you. This way, you are able to experience growth through useful feedback and conversations with your audience. However, if you find it necessary to use all the social media platforms, its best if you consider hiring a social media marketing manager to assist you manage your accounts.

Schedule and Prioritize

In life, lack of planning has been associated with stress and anxiety. Social media too needs planning and scheduling if you are to get things done for you to achieve your goals. You can do this by making use of social media management tools to help you schedule updates. Getting posts scheduled will give you more time to engage with your audience.

However, whilst scheduling and planning can be very effective don’t get yourself carried away. Planning every single minute of your day and constantly stressing about your goals can be counterproductive. If your plan isn’t working out for you, leave it and try a different method.

Utilize Content Curation

With the increased use of content curation by bloggers and marketers to promote their brands, businesses should not ignore curated contents. You can curate social shares, blog posts, or even your visual content. Curated contents are believed to help:

  • Increase industry knowledge
  • Establish credibility and trust
  • Improve brand voice
  • Inspire and delight
  • Build brand loyalty

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In addition, curation helps save significant time and they will increase your online visibility and reputation. Use tools and software such as Buzzsumo, Twitter Lists, Pocket,  Instapaper to help you create good curated contents. What’s more, with these tools you can curate social shares, blog posts, or even your visual content.

Make Use of Available Tools

Social media can be so much overwhelming if you lack the right tools to help you manage your accounts. Whether it is creating or repurposing a content or to creating a posting schedule, having proper social media management tools is key to your success. Management tools (such as MeetEdgar, Buffer, Sprout Social, HootSuite) will help you manage all your social media accounts in one place without visiting all the social sites on daily basis.

Delegate Duties

More often than not, success in social media marketing  comes when markers work with a team. This helps share responsibilities giving brands more time to engage with their customers effectively. There are effective three strategies that businesses should use:

  • Allowing rotation of employees on a regular basis as far as updating social feeds is concerned. This helps everyone to get a break.
  • Allowing several people to work at once. They can be updating one account together, for instance by signing their respective updates with initials or they can split the responsibilities where one person can handle Twitter, when the other is handling Facebook, and so on. This method is ideal for large brands with huge followings.
  • “Brand representatives” with their own accounts – It’s the least popular since social media accounts disappear when a person quits.

Filter your Audience

Brands and marketers can use organizational tools to arrange their feeds. Filtering tools built in some of the social media management apps can help in organizing your followers.

Create a list with most and least important people, to allow you prioritize those people that you wouldn’t want to miss your contents.

Observe a Time Limit

Social media can be addictive at times and it’s not unusual for users to spend countless hours scrolling down social networking sites. A timer would be quite helpful. Use a timer to limit yourself how much time you spend in each social media account. You can do this by setting your timer to a certain duration, and when the time is up force yourself to log out.

If you’re managing multiple accounts for instance, set the timer for 5 or 10 minutes, and then move on to the next account when it rings.

Use Google Alerts

Google Alerts are free services offered by Google to help keep track of everything that is published to the web. And then sending you an email about everything containing the keywords you specify. For it to be effective, the best way is to set Google alerts with keywords and topics related to your niche or field.

You can also set alerts for your brand to keep you notified of the comments and public opinion about your business or products. What’s more, you can opt to have the information emailed to you right away, or on a daily/weekly basis.

Don’t read, Scan

When it comes to the internet, social media to be specific, there is a lot of information that is published on a daily basis. However, you don’t need to spend countless hours looking for contents that align with your brand.

Master the art of scanning for relevant information and updates that appears on your social platforms. This will help you prioritize your time where it counts. Additionally, try to look for relevant keywords from your brand and then focus on them.

Assess yourself and Adjust Accordingly

Sometimes we can get caught up in our own strategies that we forget that they need adjustments. And just like any other marketing channel, you should review your social media strategy on a regular basis and try to make the necessary adjustments.

If for instance you find that your strategy is good but you are still not getting your desired results, that a signal that it’s time to quit using the marketing channel. This helps to simplify things by streamlining your efforts and energy to what is working for you.

Take a Break

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Quality and interesting contents that are engaging to your followers are rarely produced by a tired and fatigued social media marketer. A study shows that your brain is programmed to only focus for 90 to 120 minutes. After that, it is likely that what you are working on won’t produce the best results.

Try taking breaks in between works. Perhaps by going outside and doing some activities such taking a walk, exercising, or reading a book, to help you unwind. If necessary you can ask someone to fill in for you and take over your social media work until you are well rested. Review your social media priorities and squeeze in your break accordingly.


Your health and wellbeing is of paramount importance. It’s easy to succumb to the pressures of social media overwhelm. Arduous task of gaining and keeping followers, getting more likes and replying to comments on social media can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety. And so, it is important to access your current situation and try following the tips provided above.

Remember social media as a marketing strategy ought to produce maximum results in the least time possible and effortlessly, without endangering your wellbeing.