how to grow your Instagram followers for your business

Whether you’re drop shipping products across the world, or you’re selling your own product line to the masses, finding new sources of traffic is an important part of driving sales. Year after year, potential customers are turning to their mobile phone to shop online, which opens the door to a new way of increasing traffic to your site: Instagram. In order to capture this market, you will want to know how to grow your Instagram followers for your business, fast

There are many ways to grow a thriving community on Instagram. You can easily get free followers on Instagram. The key is to grow your Instagram followers organically. Start growing your followers by following these 6 steps:

1. Work with influencers to showcase your products on their Instagram account

Instagram is full of mini-celebrities (and much larger ones too). Start by checking relevant hashtags in your niche for Instagram accounts with 50,000+ followers. More importantly, check their engagement on their existing posts (both likes and comments) to ensure their engagement is legitimate. If you have the resources to accommodate them, drop them a direct message or leave them a comment asking if they’re interested in receiving your product in exchange for posting a photo of it on their feed. This is perhaps the fastest way to grow your Instagram followers for your business.

2. Host influencer photos from Instagram on your product gallery

Generally speaking, most influencers on Instagram take their time putting together great lifestyle photos wearing or using promotional products. With their permission and a watermark of their username, it’s a great opportunity to upload these photos into the product gallery on your business website. Shoppers tend to put preference towards buying products that are utilized in the real world, versus only observing product photos on a white background. While hosting these photos may not necessarily convert to immediate sales, it will certainly help you get free Instagram followers fast.

3. Monitor and re-gram your customer’s Instagram posts

Outside of influencer marketing, regular customers may be posting about your product too. Using the search feature on Instagram, make it a daily or weekly habit to search for photos of Instagram users with your product. If it’s worthwhile, consider re-gramming it (with their permission) onto your feed to help build your community and connect users together. If it’s a nice enough shot, maybe even add it to the product galleries too. Just don’t forget to tag them if you post it!

4. Use automated liking to bring people back to your shop

Running an online shop takes a lot of time! The operations, customer service, and packing can take up a massive chunk of your day. Instead of spending hours engaging with your online community, consider automating your likes on Instagram with an Instagram auto followers program. This allows you to keep your account active and continuously engaging with your community. It’s also inexpensive and easy to setup. We recommend Growr.

5. Setup share plugins on Shopify and Woocommerce

Your product page should always include share plugins. Whether you’re using Shopify or Woocommerce, you’ll need to install plugins such as Social Sharing Buttons (for Shopify) and AddToAny (for Woocommerce) to allow your site visitors to not only share your products on Instagram, but to also find you there as well. While these plugins are free, there are also paid plugins you can explore on Code Canyon too. Make sure you also include Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Whatsapp as share buttons as well.

6. Put emphasis towards lifestyle content over product images

As mentioned earlier, lifestyle images perform far better than simple product shots. It may be worth grabbing a good quality camera and venturing outside the box to take some candid photos of your product. If you’re selling clothing, snap a photo of yourself wearing it. If you’re selling bird feeders, why not put it in action in a photo with wild birds? Once you’ve created your lifestyle imagery, they’re already Instagram ready!