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Whether you’re drop shipping products across the world or you’re selling your own product line to the masses, finding new sources of traffic is an important part of driving sales. Well, what if I told you that if you get followers on Instagram, then you can get increased sales in your online shop?

Social media has become an undeniable force in the eCommerce world, with an Instagram profile being just as important as your website.

Instagram users are turning to this social media platform more and more when it comes to their favorite brands. Sixty-eight percent of Instagram users regularly engage with brands on this social media platform, giving you an immediate advantage to having your brand and your products on Instagram.

There are many ways to grow a thriving community on Instagram. The key is to grow your Instagram followers organically with authentic engagement and social listening. While there is no magic Instagram followers hack, there are a few simple ways to get more followers for Instagram.

Start growing your followers by following these 6 steps:

1. Create an Instagram Feed Real Followers Want

In order to capture this market, you will need to understand your target audience before ever creating your Instagram profile. You must understand which types of media they like best and why. You can easily determine this by taking a peek at popular hashtags within your niche. See which images are getting the most engagement and try to model your Instagram account in a similar fashion.

For example, maybe your audience prefers airy and light images, as with images of babies or in the home.

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Or perhaps your audience prefers bolder and darker colors with lots of block quotes.

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You will also want to pay close attention to how your audience is responding to your Instagram posts once your account is up an running. This includes your target audience and how they respond to media within your niche.

One excellent tool to help better understand your Instagram followers is Iconosquare. With Iconosquare, you can get a clear picture about which media are performing best, when your audience is most active, and where your audience is located.

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2. Learn How to Analyze Hashtag Data to Attract Users on Instagram

If you want to increase your Instagram followers with Instagram hashtags, then you need to let those potential followers know how to find you! While you can certainly promote your Instagram through promoted Instagram posts, you can get just as much success with a tiny old hashtag.

Your Instagram photos come with the opportunity to include up to 30 hashtags per post. The recommended amount is between 11-20, with the most engagement happening in the teens.

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Hashtags allow you to seek active Instagram followers who are already using the same hashtags as you are. This is critical as they are more likely to convert to paying customers.

My favorite tool to analyze hashtags is Hashtagify. With Hashtagify, you can dive deep into hashtag data so that you can find your exact target audience within a few keyboard strokes.

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When you search for a certain hashtag, Hashtagify will collect all of the most relevant hashtags that are commonly used with your designated hashtag. This is fairly standard for most analytics tools, but remains helpful nonetheless.

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The key to Hashtagify is that you can view the most influential users who are also using those same hashtags. This includes people with lots of engaged followers as well as your potential competition. You will be able to see how their audience behaves and which Instagram hashtags are working well for those accounts.

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You can study these accounts to glean insight that can help you better curate your Instagram account. It also gives you a pretty great list of leads in the form of their followers: these people are already interested in your niche and are the most likely, of any Instagram user, to purchase your product.

Engaging within your niche in this way is the easiest way to get followers on Instagram, Instagram likes, and genuine comments.

3. Work With influencers to Showcase Your Products on Their Instagram Accounts

Instagram is full of Insta-celebrities that, for one reason or another, have loyal and engaged followers. In true form to the Capitalist trend that Instagram is leaning toward, these Insta-celebrities are now using the platform to showcase products. If you can get one of these mini-celebrities, technically known as influencers, to endorse your product, then you are exposing your reach and brand trustworthiness in one Instagram post.

To find an influencer, start by checking relevant hashtags in your niche for Instagram accounts with 50,000+ followers. More importantly, check their engagement on their existing posts (both likes and comments) to ensure their engagement is legitimate. They often request a payment in exchange for the feature, but with the right influencer, this can be a game-changer.

A platform that I really like to help find influencers is TRIBE. With TRIBE, you can create your own campaign and release the campaign to the network of influencers currently using the platform. You can communicate with the influencers and negotiate a featured post before committing to any payments.

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If you have the resources to accommodate them, drop them a direct message or leave them a comment asking if they’re interested in receiving your product in exchange for posting a photo of it on their feed. This is perhaps the fastest way to grow your Instagram followers for your business.

4. Post User-Generated Content With a Brand-Specific Hashtag

One of the easiest ways to engage users on Instagram is to post their content to your own Instagram account. Make this easy to do by creating Instagram hashtags that are associated with your brand, like Coca-Cola did with #shareacoke.

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You can ask your customers to post a picture to Instagram with your product and with the designated hashtag as a fun way to increase engagement. This also allows you to promote your Instagram through your customer’s organic audience no matter the number of followers.

User-generated content is an easy way to get followers on Instagram, real followers on Instagram, without doing any marketing at all.

5. Use Instagram Followers Bot to Increase Your Audience Reach

The single most effective to increase your number of followers is to get out there and like and follow Instagram photos and accounts within your niche.

In fact, Neil Patel suggests following 50 new users on Instagram per hour to get 300 new followers on Instagram each and every day.

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Shopify tested this theory out and found that liking and following Instagram users within your niche reap major rewards. Following, alone, results in a 14 percent followback rate. The more engagement you put out, the more followback you receive. This is an easy way to increase your Instagram followers.

The problem?

That can take up a lot of time! Instead of spending hours engaging with your online community, consider automating your likes on Instagram with an Instagram auto followers program. This allows you to keep your account active and continuously engaging with your community without having to log into Instagram every hour to follow 50 accounts.

6. Setup Share Plugins on Shopify and WooCommerce

It may seem a little backward to try to grab Instagram followers from your website, but it is worth the effort.


Because these people are already on your website, poking around your merchandise. If they have that amount of enthusiasm on your website, then they are likely active Instagram followers that can help lead the engagement on your Instagram posts.

So, your product page should always include share plugins.

Whether you’re using Shopify or Woocommerce, you’ll need to install plugins such as Social Sharing Buttons (for Shopify) and AddToAny (for Woocommerce) to allow your site visitors to not only share your products on Instagram, but to also find you there as well. While these plugins are free, there are also paid plugins you can explore on Code Canyon too. Make sure you also include Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Whatsapp as share buttons as well.


Many Instagram accounts are buying Instagram followers, which you can tell by high Instagram followers and likes but very little genuine interaction. It may be tempting to buy Instagram followers too, but real followers who are actively engaged in your brand are the types of people you want following your account.

This is an Instagram followers hack that you can easily do. You need to put in a little bit of effort to determine exactly what your audience wants from you. Once you find that formula, then your follower count will only rise.

It’s worth noting that your Instagram follower count is not the sole indicator of success. You need these followers to convert to buyers after all! But attracting new followers through popular hashtags, creative posts, and strategic outreach is an easy way to get your product in front of potential customers.