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If you run a business or manage a brand, then you likely have an Instagram account. However, even with beautifully curated content, you may struggle to get Instagram followers. While it may be tempting to buy Instagram followers, you really don’t need to do so.

While there is no true Instagram followers hack, there are a few tools that can help you get Instagram followers fast.

Each of these tools will require some time and effort on your part, but the result will be well worth it. Unlike buying Instagram followers, you will amass real followers who generously give likes and comments on your photos and stories.

If you would like more Instagram followers and likes for your brand or business, then take a look at the tools we have outlined for you in this article. Within no time, you will be getting real followers and Instagram likes.

Instagram Tools #1: Perfect the Instagram Search With Instagram Analytics

Before you can begin to expect new followers on Instagram, you must first understand where those potential followers currently hang out on social media. This will be your target audience and will inform your strategies moving forward.

The best way to do this is by studying your Instagram posts as well as the posts of your competition. Ideally, you will look for the best performing Instagram stories or Instagram photos to see if you notice any patterns.

Look for details like

  • which filters are used,
  • which hashtag (or hashtags) brings the most engagement,
  • the content of the photos,
  • the captions

When you discover which popular hashtags are being used within your market, which filters perform the best, and which Instagram accounts have the best engagement, you will be better prepared to create an Instagram profile that your target audience will love.


Iconosquare is a paid app the provides comprehensive Instagram analytics for your brand or business. It provides details about your current followers on Instagram, such as which Instagram posts they prefer, how many of them watch your Instagram stories, and the most popular hashtags for your audience.

Iconosquare also allows you to easily find influencers within your market, which are people in your target market with a lot of active Instagram followers. Whether you reach out to them for a collaboration or simply use their strategy as inspiration for your own posts, it is always helpful to know who they are.

Instagram Insights

One of the best Instagram analytics tools on the market is the Instagram Insights built right within the app. It allows you to get a clear view of all of your Instagram followers and likes so that you can know which posts perform the best.

It also allows you to when the best time of the day to post is, which day of the week is best for posting, and which hashtags get the most likes and comments.

If you’re short on time and cash, then this is the best tool for you.


The easiest way to find your target audience is through hashtag research. Instagram hashtags are a lot like keywords and will direct you to Instagram users who are actively engaged within the community around your target hashtag. Hashtagify is the best tool to do exactly that.

Instagram analytics tools

With this tool, you can not only view the data for your selected hashtag but also the data for all of the related hashtags. It will also show you demographic information about the users who are engaging with each hashtag so that you can get a realistic picture of what your target audience is like.

Hashtagify is especially helpful if you’re trying to increase your follower count.


Because the key to increasing your number of followers is to regularly engage with your target audience. By studying the data on Hashtagify, you can be certain that you are engaging with the right audience.

Once you collect information about how to make an attractive Instagram feed, then you will be able to organically grow your audience.

Instagram Tools #2: Choose the Right Instagram Filters

Even if you have an amazing service or product to offer, if your Instagram feed isn’t appealing, then nobody will follow you. In fact, you could not offer a product or service at all, but if you have a beautiful Instagram feed then you will have a high follower count.

The best way to do this is to select a filter that you like and then use it on all of your photos. While there are tons of photo editing apps to help you improve your Instagram photos, these are our favorites:

Lightroom by Adobe

This is by far the best photo editing tool for quick, clean, and beautiful photos. Lightroom by Adobe is a photo editing tool that professional photographers have been using for years. They recently made an app version that is available to everyone, even without an account.

The editing within the app can be a little bit difficult to learn at first. However, many Instagram influencers have recently been selling their Lightroom presets, or basically their customized Instagram filters, for you to use with Lightroom.

Pilot Madeleine (@pilotmadeleine) is one such Instagram user that sells her Lightroom presets through her Instagram profile. You will notice that her feed all has the same “look” or “feel”, which helps make her Instagram profile incredibly popular.

Look for Lightroom presets for sale to find the exact filter that you want for your photos, too.



VSCO is a photo editing app that allows you to adjust the lighting, contrast, focus, and tone of your photos. While there really isn’t that much to brag about the app, it is a reliable and easy-to-use photo editing tool. It will be able to give you everything that you need in order to create a beautiful filter for your photos.

Once you find the edits that you like, save them so that you can use them for all future photos. This will help you create a consistent look for your Instagram feed.


hypetype photo editor app

HypeType isn’t a photo editing tool but an app that allows you to place text over your photos. The app includes a wide variety of fonts, animations, doodles, and colors to choose from. Having an app like this in your arsenal can help you create beautiful content within just a few minutes.

Instagram Tools #3: Make Captivating Instagram Captions

One of the most difficult aspects of creating the perfect Instagram post is making the perfect caption. If you are able to attract a number of followers through popular hashtags and outreach, they may bounce out of your Instagram profile if they see a lame caption.

Rather than driving yourself mad over the perfect set of words that are emotional, captivating, witty, and respectful, turn to an app that does it for you.


free instagram followers

Captiona is a relatively new app that provides generic captions on virtually any topic. Simply search for the topic or theme that you like and choose from a list of pre-written captions. You can save your favorites for easy access later.

Rubric App

If you’re not sure what phrases or words are trending, then the Rubric App is a great tool for you. It provides a wide range of trendy phrases that younger audiences are using so that you can be sure that your brand is doing the same.

get instagram followers

Simply upload your photo, choose the topic, scroll through the listed captions, and select your favorite.

Captions for IG

You may have noticed other Instagram users have somehow been able to create a beautiful Instagram caption that is separated by lines, bullet points, and the perfect amount of hashtags. They are likely using an app like Captions for IG.

real Instagram followers

This app allows you to create a template so that all you have to do is insert an inspiring quote, a few emojis, and a call-to-action.

Instagram Tools #4: Use More Instagram Memes

Memes are by far the most popular and most viral-worthy posts on the internet right now. While a meme may not fit beautiful with your Instagram feed, it certainly offers you the potential to quickly increase your engagement.

You can include memes in your Instagram stories if you don’t want to include them in your feed so that you can still take advantage of their popularity without ruining your curated theme.


Imgur is a great tool to discover memes and GIFs that are currently going viral. Rather than create your own, you can simply select one from within the app to share with your audience. It provides a fun and quirky way to connect with your audience and earn Instagram likes.


DIYlol allows you to easily create memes by providing a background, funny images, and an option to easily overlay text. You’ve likely already seen memes generated from this web-based tool as they went viral all over the internet. Pair with a few popular hashtags and add it to one of your Instagram stories for a boost in engagement. The more engagement that you have, the more easily you can get Instagram followers fast.


If you’re looking for a little bit more freedom and creativity to create your memes, then you may prefer Quickmeme. Quickmeme allows you to easily create customized memes by allowing you to upload images and overlay with text. Or, if you prefer to use an image that has already gone viral on the internet, then you can select an image from their gallery. By customizing your memes, you can ensure that you are attracting real followers on Instagram who are genuinely interested in your topic.

Instagram Tools #5: Run an Instagram Contest

One of the quickest ways to get real followers on Instagram is to offer something for free. People like free stuff and will undoubtedly find your Instagram account once you post a giveaway. If possible, try to partner with other Instagram accounts within your community to help increase your exposure.


WooBox is an incredible platform to professionally host Instagram giveaways and contests. You can completely customize your giveaway, indicate the terms for entering, and fairly draw a winner.

Because it is a paid version, the possibilities are virtually endless with your terms and conditions. It also has the added benefit of customization in theme and design. If your business or brand has room in the budget for WooBox, then it is a great tool that can help you get real followers on Instagram.


Rafflecopter is one of the original platforms to offer giveaways to bloggers and social media stars. The process is so easy that one of their major bragging points is that you can create a giveaway within minutes. It is used by major brands, small bloggers, and newbies alike.


If you’re new to contests and giveaways, then some of the previously mentioned platforms may seem a little bit overwhelming. If this is the case, then you will enjoy Gleam. Gleam makes it easy for newcomers to offer giveaways without launching into a major campaign. Instead, you select your terms for entry and set the end date. From there, you can easily monitor the entries and select a winner. Once you use it for your first giveaway, you will be more comfortable with upgrading to the paid version.


There is no easy way to get real followers fast, but there are a few ways to get them more easily. Rather than buying Instagram followers, try out a few of the techniques mentioned above. Once you do, you will see that it was well worth the effort.