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Every once in a while a question pops into the mind of a social media manager. What types of social media content would lead to high conversion and engagement? What would make the target audience like it, re-tweet, share it and subscribe to the page?

If all these questions consume you too, then, it’s time for some knowledge sharing. Often you may have noticed that some types of social media content receive more popularity whereas some lose their sheen with every passing minute.

Why does this happen? What goes wrong with the content? Is there a lack of effort in creating the content or it is due to the lack of creativity? To be honest, it is because of the type of content you choose to promote. If your content does not record substantial return on your investment, it is only making your brand presence weak.

So, the question is – what types of social media content help in high conversion? What type of content converts the potential viewers to prospective buyers?

6 Types of Social Media Content that Helps in High Conversion

Mentioned below are six types of social media content that leads to a high conversion rate when used strategically.

1. User Generated Content (User-Created Content)

User Generated Content (UGC) or user-created content is a type of content that is developed by the users of online platforms. It is widely available to others consumers & end-users. Simply put, it is a social proof by the real users that helps in increasing the credibility of your business or organization.

As it is easy for any business and organization to say that they are the best… But, what proves that they are the best is their likeness among the audience. Justifying this statement, a survey was conducted which among the audience to know what makes them buy.

When results came, it was found that 66% of the people said they trust customer photos more than brand photos. On the other hand, more than 50% of the people confirmed they decided against a purchase as the product photos for unhelpful.

Nike PHOTOiD Campaign is one brilliant example of UGC content. Under this campaign, fans uploaded a photo, any photo, which was presented with a Nike Air sneaker design containing the colors of the photo uploaded. Each was featured on the Nike website and social media sites. The campaign brought a touch of personal interaction with the audience. Also, it helped in winning customers by building the audience’s trust in the brand and showing how valuable each customer is.

2. Infographics

As per a report, it was revealed that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. In other words, we remember those things more that are visually presented to us.

Which is why infographics are one of the best types of social media content. They are informative, creative, attention-grabbing and engaging. And, not only this, infographics are short and simple which makes them even more popular among the readers.  

These types of social media content pack a lot of information into one image and present it to the audience. And, since the information is to-the-point, the infographics get more shares than the other types of content.

For instance, if a health website creates an infographic on do’s and don’ts for diabetics, it will capture the target audience instantly. Not only they will share it with their friends but will be curious to know more about it. Websites like Canva and Piktochart offer amazing templates to create infographics.

The best way to promote an infographic is to share them on your social media channels regularly. You can also reach out to other companies or public figures telling them about your infographic. If they share it on their social media profile, your work is done.

3. Testimonials

What’s better than someone from the audience itself vouching for your business or organization? What do you think would hold more value for the users? A bland social campaign or a sincere result-based testimonial from a person!

The answer is too obvious to mention. Besides, sharing a customer’s or user’s testimonial is the best way to connect to your potential prospects. With knowing that someone has been there or have used the offered product or service, the prospective buyers feel safer about choosing you over a rival.

The online food websites, shopping websites, hospitals, educational institutions, etc., are the perfect example of promoting the brand through social media testimonials. Rather than uploading a text-based testimonial, you could try posting video-based testimonials.

These types of social media content could help in high conversion, but only if you have established a great relationship with your patrons.

4. Interactive Content



Interactive content is actionable. It not only engages the audience but also compels them to share it with their friends, acquaintances and family. According to a survey, interactive content leads to 2x more conversion than passive content. Even research suggests web users pay more attention to interactive content.   

Quizzes, mini-surveys, polls, etc., are types of interactive content. Besides audience engagement, this type of social media content gets you users’ email addresses. Using e-mail addresses, you can further promote your latest launch of services or products.

Quizzes and polls conducted by various sites on social media platforms result in high conversion rate. According to BuzzSumo, an average quiz gets shared 1,900 times. Thus, the higher the number of shares, the more data of readers or users to connect to. Isn’t it a win-win?

5. Listicles

Let’s take an example – Best Arcade Games for Your PC You Should Try Right Now and 6 Best Arcade Games for Your PC You Should Try Right Now.

Which one of the two seems more interesting to you? We bet, most of you will hit on the latter option among the two. Why? Because listicles or numbered posts are an exceptionally helpful way to both grab attention and keep the audience involved. Besides, they also specify definiteness, a starting, and end, which is reassuring to the audience.

Whether your content appears on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram, including listicles or a number will make it stand out. In other words, list/numbered posts are tried & tested content format that is designed in order to get output.

What kind of output, you ask? Well, for starters, more clicks on the post, more audience engagement and excellent social shares. Other than that, more conversions, more organic traffic, and less bounce rate. A survey conducted by conductor also highlights that numbered headlines posts are most liked by the people.

6. Bonding Content

Another type of social media content that gains popularity and leads to high conversion is emotional content. People tend to connect to this type of content at a personal level. For instance, posts like a positive quote evoke similar responses. Besides, people who feel the same emotion share it instantly, driving referral traffic to your social media handle.

An additional example of emotional content is a video created by Cardstore titled as World’s Toughest Job. In this video, the greeting cards company cleverly brought an emotion of appreciation towards the women who choose to stay at home and raise their family aka Moms. And, since the video was promoted on Mother’s Day, the website recorded an increase of 25% in their sales. Not to mention, the video went viral overnight without any paid media support.

Thus, it is only fair to say that any content evoking positive, surprising or emotional feelings of the audience receive a high conversion rate in addition to major likes, comments and shares.

Something Extra!

Here are a few tips that you can use to create high conversion social media content.

  • Always ensure to begin your post with a catchy headline or caption. According to a study, it was found that 79 percent of people scan and scroll rather than read. So, when your post’s title or caption is attractive, it will automatically capture the attention of the reader.
  • Another significant and less known trick for high converting content is posting it on weekends. People tend to use social media sites more on weekends as they have less going on. They are not rushing for work, not busy meeting deadlines, etc.
  • Numbered posts on social media are also highly liked by the readers. Besides, these types of social media content get instant response from the target audience. For instance, this post from PopXoCarry These 10 Potli Bags with Your Indian Wear This Season” will directly attract Indian women who love to try new looks. Also, if they like any of the products listed, they can directly buy it using the link the author has mentioned. Direct conversion, right?
  • Create content with a call to action at the end. Suppose, your post caught their attention, and they read it to the end. But, what after that? If you don’t suggest to them, they will just read it and leave it. However, if you include something like “subscribe to our page for more interesting posts”, it will hit them.
  • In addition, also focus on the formatting and readability of your social media posts. Do not write long paragraphs, try to use simple language and choose fonts & colours that please the eyes of the audience. Poorly formatted posts can divulge the audience in no time.

Certainly, your content is the key to high conversion rate. However, what types of social media content you choose to drive value depends on your research and nature of the business. Thus, choose wisely. Also, let us know if we missed something and share the types of content that are successful for your business.

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