get free instagram followers fast

When it comes to gaining Instagram followers, most users’ first inclination is to search for quick tricks on how to get the ball rolling. While you can search to your heart’s content for fast ways to get this done, there really is no trick to it. However, there are foolproof ways to gain attention, and considering that there are 700 million active Instagram users, you have ample opportunity to get Instagram followers fast.

It is wise to note that although the option of purchasing followers exists, this tends to lead to less engagement, a lack of a niche audience, and potentially, less business. Don’t be tempted by any programs that offer Instagram followers and likes without first making your account more like-able.

How do you do this?

It will take a bit of work but it’s fairly straight-forward. Here are eight easy steps to grow your Instagram followers:

1. Become discoverable

Be it from Google search, or through another platform, it is imperative to work on making it easy for users to find your account. A great place to start is with your current following on other platforms. Post updates mentioning your Instagram account, or even sharing Instagram posts to other platforms. You could also offer an incentive for those checking it out. It is a good idea to also add your Instagram link within business communications and newsletters, or perhaps add a branded hashtag to your email signature. Blog posts could benefit from embedded Instagram posts as well, leading readers to your account.

Your Action List

  • Make sure your Instagram name is the same name as your business – for the simple fact that you want Google search results to find your Instagram account
  • Add your Instagram account to your website, newsletters, and email signature

2. There are communities of Instagram users – connect with them!

To give and to receive is a two-way street and it’s no different on Instagram. Hundreds of thousands of communities exist for every type of niche out there, so naturally, your first step is to find them. Power users turn to social listening to find and take part in active conversations with likes, comments, and shared content. Influencer marketing is also a popular technique used by regular users and businesses alike – source influencers related to your industry and reach out to them!

Your Action List

  • Search hashtags in the Instagram app
  • Find more hashtags with a tool such as Hashtagify

3. Engage in the fast lane with automation

Most social media marketing managers find it hard to multi-task their workloads, let alone continuously monitoring their community to engage with. Increase the speed of your interactions by putting your likes on auto-pilot. Choose the proper hashtags and industries, select ones to avoid, and let one of these tools put the work in while you’re spending your time on more hands-on tasks. GROWR is a popular tool that we (obviously) recommend, because we keep your account safe and focus on growth.

Your Action List

  • Setup automated likes to improve your engagement
  • Identify your target market and ensure your likes are hitting the right audience
  • Engage and respond to everyone that likes/follows you – nobody likes an anti-social Instagram user!
  • Try GROWR out for free

4. Always tag a person, place, and/or thing

Put your unseen posts in front of the right people’s eyes by tagging another user and a specific location. Tagging encourages engagement and could potentially get you shared to other networks of people. You may have seen “Tag someone you know” content out there – it’s extremely popular for engagement and can get your account out there fast.

Relevancy is key here – it can be an annoyance if the person you’re tagging doesn’t show interest in it (or doesn’t know you, for that matter).

Your Action List

  • If your post is relevant to a user, tag them in either the caption or within the photo (or both!)
  • If your post is relevant to a location, add it. Tag your workplace, your favorite coffee shop, or your own city

5. Numbers mean everything: Instagram Insights

What good are your Instagram efforts if you’re not sure what actually works? While measuring success by likes and comments is still an important factor, Instagram Insights provides visibility on impressions, reach, engagement, and top posts – all useful metrics for marketers that know what they’re doing.

Instagram Insights also provides details on your followers, including gender, age, and location. It’s good to know if your audience matches your target demographic, and how you can improve your content strategy to get better engagement from them.

Your Action List

  • Log into the Instagram Insights section of your app
  • Measure each post individually for impressions, reach, likes, and comments
  • Make a list of the types of content that works and create more
  • Remember: your data should be collected over a period of time, not just from one post

6. Be consistent with your posts

Posting at least once a day is mandatory for success. As a matter of fact, Tailwind did a recent analysis that shows that “by posting to Instagram daily, you’ll grow followers four times faster than posting less than once a week.” As you ramp up your posts, likes and comments from your followers will start showing up in their activity feeds, putting your visibility even higher. That’s why it’s important to always stay active.

Then becomes the question of when. There’s only one way to really figure it: test test test! Start by understanding your target market. If you know your target market works a full-time job, you may find better success posting during the early mornings before they get to work, during their lunch break while they’re mowing down a sandwich, and in the early evening when there’s time away from the kids. You’ll want to test your content strategy by posting at different times of the day, and measuring out the engagement so you can discover your optimal post times.

Your Action List

  • Post content at least once per day
  • Test different times of the day to find the optimal engagement times


7. Take advantage of Instagram Stories & live videos

Live is the biggest opportunity in the market right now. By taking advantage of the Instagram Stories and Live Video features on Instagram, you can start taking your engagement to the next level.

Instagram Stories has more than 200 million people viewing them daily – highly active users that may be your go-to source for follows. Appearing at the top of the Instagram app, it’s a known fact that stories result in top engagement, with one-third of the most popular stories created by businesses.

Live Video is another new feature that is mostly used to cover live events such as conferences and in-store promotions. After a live video is finished, you’re given an option to allow the video to be replayed for 24 hours. Another neat feature with live video is that users will get notified when you start broadcasting – an added bonus for bringing in more engagement.

Your Action List

  • Create an Instagram Stories and see which types of content work better than others
  • Shoot a live video, and do it often – especially if it adds value to people

8. Instagram advertising is pretty awesome too

Amongst all of the social media advertising platforms, many businesses claim great success in conversions from Instagram. It’s a simple (yet occasionally costly) way to connect with new potential followers very quickly, without the manual labour of community engagement. Instagram advertising offers standard targeting such as location, age, gender. However, to really explore the right audience, customizable options such as key behaviors, interest groups, and existing connections allow for even greater targeting.

Your Action List

  • Put aside a small budget for testing purposes; increase once you’ve found higher conversions
  • Test different ad variations, including images and captions
  • Put a call to action link in your ads

So there you have it: an Instagram followers hack, complete with examples. Now get out there and get noticed!