5 Instagram marketing ideas that work

Instagram is a haven for any business seeking to expand its customer base. The platform boasts of over one billion users from across the globe. To stand out on this platform, it is hardly enough to upload pictures and hope that you will get a steady following over time. Instead, you have to carve out an Instagram marketing strategy that takes advantage of the unique features of this social network to sell your products and services. If you are looking to make the most of this networking site to expand your existing customer base, promote a new brand, or engage with your existing customers, consider the following five time-tested ideas:

Open an Instagram Business Account

This is the first strategy towards boosting your profits on Instagram. You can either switch your existing account to a business account or establish a new one. The business account is beneficial as it allows you to access free software and tools such as the Instagram analytics tools. Also, it is easier to create Instagram ads with a business account as you get access to relevant and helpful customer information to design your ads for higher conversion rates.


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Use Instagram Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves running a joint campaign with another brand that complements your own. For instance, a beverage company can partner with a Burger company and run a campaign that creates a unique experience around your product. Influencer marketing will help you engage clients from both brands while attracting new ones.

Instagram marketing has content left, right, and center

On Instagram, content includes the images you publish as well as the accompanying captions. In your caption, include key information concerning the product, for example, the price, where to get it, and the interesting features/specs. The caption can also include testimonials and feedback from customers. This can boost conversion rates as customers get a positive view of the product. If you are running a contest, you can link the contest to a web page that tells the story of you brand.

If you need ideas on the content to publish on your Instagram account, consider using user generated content (UGC). UGC is content provided by existing or potential customers, or website visitors. It can appear on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms. If UGC positively contributes to your brand image, then you should consider using it. UGC is important because it fosters brand authenticity highlighting customer experiences with your brand. And you can bank on this content’s reliability because it is peer generated. Whatever you do, take time to understand the best type of content your customers are likely to engage with, and create and publish it.

Engage with your Customers

Don’t allow your Instagram account to contain just one story for a whole week. This kills your relationship-building and Instagram marketing efforts as it sends the message that you are uncommitted to your brand and to your customers. Rather, develop new stories and create hype around the product by occasionally giving away coupons and discounts. Instagram Live also provides a great way of engaging with customers. Here, you get to engage in Q&A or announce a new product. Have a clear goal behind the video or the story. It may be to motivate people to make a purchase by giving them discounts, or simply generating traffic to your website.

Create a Contest

Running an Instagram contest is a sure way of growing your Instagram following and be a significant contributor to your overall Instagram marketing strategy. Here, you use tools such as Woobox, Wishpond or any other contest app of your choice to develop a contest.

[World Photographers Club contest on Instagram]

If you are advertising a new beverage, for example, you develop a hashtag contest. It can be, say #LovingItChilled. You can include a prize package or an engaging post that creates considerable buzz around the new product. Alternatively, you can develop a photo contest or Instagram sweepstakes. Both strategies are fun and allow you to attract potential customers.

Incorporating the above five ideas can significantly boost your Instagram marketing efforts. Potential customers need to engage with brands that have a human presence behind them that is authentic and keeps producing interesting content. Whatever ideas you decide to try first, keep at it. Make your customers long and eagerly await your posts. In the midst of it all, you will see your brand grow to levels you would never have imagined possible.