The creative use of social media in your job search will greatly increase the number of job opportunities that you will become aware of.

The Social media rave is gradually becoming a force to recon with, as it is almost becoming a ‘game-changer’, a form of ‘competitive advantage’ of some sort and its influence cut across all sectors from politics, business, careers, job search etc.

Indeed, getting a job in the current harsh job market truly calls for creative steps and strategies. The creative use of social media in your job search will greatly increase the number of job opportunities that you will become aware of. Hence, the need to consider some of these creative ways to get a job using social media.

These creative ways require a unique approach to stand out from the crowd of job seekers in the competitive job search process. Highlighted below are five creative ways to get a job using social media:

1. Start with a Social Media Job Search Strategy

You do not have to be on a social networking site just for the fun of it. You need to have a career goal in mind. I mean, be intentional about using social media to secure a job! Plan a social media strategy that is right for your career goals. Think about the types of organizations you want to work at and the people that work there, build your online networks along this line. Follow the organizations social media accounts and be there when the vacancy ‘breaks’ in the organization.

2. Go ahead to Build an on-line professional profile

Almost all recruiters and employers will do a Google or LinkedIn search on potential candidates.  Make sure that when this on-line search is done, they find you!  You need to practically take charge of your personal on-line brand.

3. Make Sure You Have a Professional LinkedIn Profile

For simplicity LinkedIn can be described as ‘Facebook for professionals’. Funny definition right? Yes, its intentional… If you are a professional and you want to be known for what you are good at, then you need a LinkedIn professional profile today.

4. Leverage Social Media Platforms To Expand Your Network

Build relationships with organizations and individuals of interest to you and don’t be afraid to reach out through several social media platforms. They continue to be increasing success stories of individuals getting jobs by actively networking on social networking sites.

5. Stay Active on Social Media Networks

The keyword to note in your job search using social media is to stay active! It does alot of magic. What is the point of having a twitter account and you have never tweeted before? Also, the all essence of a LinkedIn profile is to network with other professionals. So get ‘busy’ and network yourself on a social networking site to your desired job!

Now you know, go ahead and put them to use. And I hope to connect with you soon :-)

Till next time, we are all work in progress…