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Instagram exploded onto the market nearly a decade ago, growing at an alarming rate every year since. There are over 800 million active users each month and 95 million posts per day. With that many photos floating around this social media platform, a good Instagram photo editor (or a few!) is absolutely essential to growing your Instagram account.

After all, your Instagram account is your gateway to your ideal customer or client.

Because of its accessibility to virtually anyone in the world, Instagram serves as a great marketing tool for very little, or no, costs.

There is currently no other tool or platform outside of social media that provides you access to your ideal client’s very personal space and time.

Needless to say, getting followers on Instagram should be a major part of your social media marketing plan if it isn’t already.

Quality photos, among a few other things I will discuss in a hot second, will help you do exactly that.

How to Get Followers on Instagram

The Instagram community is a good one, offering immediate feedback and support in ways that were previously impossible.

In fact, that’s exactly why Instagram marketing has become so popular these days.

Instagram likes and followers represent so much more than just popularity. Today, they represent increased opportunity to close a sale.

While there are lots of Instagram users who are buying Instagram followers to manipulate social proff, you don’t have to.

You can get real followers on Instagram by incorporating a few best practices into your Instagram marketing strategy.

  • Instagram Hashtags – Using popular hashtags within your niche is the easiest way to get your photos in front of your target audience.
  • Consistent Engagement – According to Neil Patel (digital marketing expert and guru), you can get 300 relevant Instagram followers per day simply by following 50 Instagram users per hour (within your niche market). Sign up for a trial of Growr to test out Neil’s strategy.
  • Killer Instagram Bio – Your Instagram bio is the very first opportunity to catch your ideal customer upon first discovering your brand. Be sure to use it wisely.
  • Quality Media – Be sure to take the time to create beautiful and relevant content. You won’t get real Instagram followers if you’re pumping out sub-par or boring content.

Unfortunately, there are no Instagram followers hacks.

Instead, you need to commit a little effort and time to growing your Instagram account.

The best way to get Instagram followers fast is to test out various strategies (such as the ones listed in the linked articles above) and see what works.

Study the data that you find in various analytics tools and eliminate the strategies that don’t work while ramping up the ones that do.

As for producing quality content, we’ve got you covered.

10 Best Photo Editor Apps for Instagram

Luckily, you don’t need fancy software to professionally edit your photos.

There are hundreds of apps for both iOS and Android devices that promise the same effects as even the best cameras and editing software.

While not all of them will live up to those expectations, there are still many options for users to choose from that will produce great results.

With the 10 apps outlined below, you will be posting high-quality photos right from your iOS or Android screen within a matter of minutes.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

adobe photoshop express

Adobe Photoshop is pretty much the standard photo editing software for professional photographers (aside from Lightroom), so why not use it to edit your Instagram photos?
This image editing app allows you to quickly adjust the basics of your photos just like most other photo editing apps (i.e. crop, straighten, rotate, etc.).
Beyond that, you can remove red eye, improve white balance, and smooth over textures.
The Adobe image editor also allows you to apply unique filters, such as Vibrant, Glow, and Superpunch.
If you fork out a few extra bucks for the advanced features, then you can combine multiple photos within images to create photo effects that are mostly unseen across most social networks.

2. InShot

inshot photo and video editor

InShot is one of the easiest tools available to help you creatively fit your image into the standard Instagram square.

The key features of this app extend far beyond the still photo, though.

You can apply the same photo effects features to videos too.

Not only that but you the app provides a library of music to add to your videos, making it a great tool for your entire Instagram toolkit.

3. Boomerang from Instagram

boomerang for instagram

Boomerang is a pretty popular in-app feature of Instagram that adds a little spice to your Instagram feed.

You’ve likely already seen Boomerang posts on your Instagram feed (or maybe you’re using it already).

Boomerang allows you to turn a short video into a GIF, thus immediately upgrading your otherwise one-dimensional Instagram account.

Shoot short videos within the app and it will automatically condense itself to play on a 1-2 second loop.

It is a super simple app that appeals to people of every niche.

4. Bokeh Lens App

bokeh photo editor app

Professional photographers use powerful lenses to focus on their subjects while the background fades away into an indiscernible background.

Well, you can do the same with this super simple photo editing app.

Simply upload your photo and indicate which space you want blurred and which space you want clear.

Select the level of blur and then save your image.

Within a matter of seconds, you are able to upgrade your photos taken with your humble iPhone or Android device.

5. Facetune App

facetune photo editor app


This app has been a pretty controversial one because it allows you to completely edit portraits, from removing blemishes to slimming and contouring.

That being said, it’s an incredible tool for improving your Instagram photos that are portraits.

Smooth the texture of your skin, fill in patchy eyebrows, whiten dull teeth, and make the whites of your eyes even whiter.

Even if you’re not regularly posting selfies in your Instagram posts, you can still use this tool for your Instagram profile picture to make it look professional.

While many Instagram influencers likely use professional editing to make them appear so glowy and blemish-free, the rest of us can quickly make some edits on our smartphones before publishing to the Instagram app.

6. Whitagram

whitagram photo editor

Have you ever seen those super chic Instagram accounts that have the white space around the photos?

They are likely using Whitagram.

With Whitagram, you can take any photo and put a border around it, choosing from different styles, colors, and widths. You can even choose funky stickers to your photos to have a little fun.

The most attractive feature, however, is that ability to fit any sized photo into the square dimensions preferred by Instagram.

In fact, many Instagram influencers choose to take landscape photos for the primary purpose of placing them on a white border.

It adds a certain style that makes your photos and feed stand out, especially if used consistently.

7. Hyperlapse from Instagram

timelapse photo editor

Hyperlapse is a great editing tool that allows you to create time-lapse videos out of otherwise lengthy videos.

You can shoot a regular video within the app on your phone and then speed it up as much (or as little) as you’d like.

Though it’s technically not a photo, in the end, a time-lapse video provides rich and engaging media with very little effort (and that’s what counts).

It is especially helpful to people who want to be able to enhance their Instagram feeds without having to invest in pricey equipment or education.

Hyperlapse is a simple tool that requires very little effort or time from you, yet has a high return by way of engagement.

8. Snapseed

snapseed photo editor

There are a lot of camera apps that feature the ability to changes the colors, focus, and lighting of your images, though very few that allow you to control exactly where you do it.

The interactive Selective Tool allows you to tap on any part of the photo before applying any edits. Then you can change the contrast, lighting, or saturation of the selected object in the photo.

The edits will be made to your specified area without changing the rest of the photo.

The ability to customize the editing features is so spectacular that the app is regarded as the photo editing app for serious photographers.

While that can mean that the learning curve is a bit steep, it also means that the end results are spectacular.

9. HypeType

hypetype photo editor app

HypeType is a little bit different than other camera apps because its key features involve placing text over the photos.

The difference with this photo editing software is that you can not only overlay text but you can also add animated text.

This simple feature creates an engaging post out of an otherwise boring photo.


befunky photo editor app

One of the most comprehensive photo editors is BeFunky.

You can create photo collages, edit white balance, saturation, and colors, whiten teeth and remove blemishes, and add text overlay.

They also have quirky filters, frames, and stickers to make your images all the more interesting.

BeFunky is a super efficient image editor that can be used on images for all social networks.

The best part is that it is easy to use and super intuitive, unlike some of the other advanced photo editing apps that you might see.


Creating a solid Instagram profile doesn’t have to be complicated.

You can easily get Instagram followers with the creative work of a few photo editing apps for your iPhone or Android.

What are some of your favorite photo editing apps? Leave a comment to let us know!