7 Reasons Why Instagram Stories Are Not Working For You

7 Reasons Why Instagram Stories Are Not Working For You

For brands that keep up with social media, the newest fad and opportunity in social networking platforms for marketing is Stories. Social media platforms have been changing continuously since they first entered the online scene. As more people join these social networking platforms, businesses have realised the incredible opportunities that this presents. But like with […]

Time-Tested Methods of Using Instagram for Business

7 Time-Tested Methods of Using Instagram for Business

Any marketer who would reduce Instagram to simply a photo sharing app will be losing out on incredible opportunities that only this social media networking site can offer. Today, this platform has more than a billion active users, and the numbers keep growing, often exceeding expert projections. Compared to Facebook, Instagram users are 10 times […]

twitter influencer tools

Finding Your Voice With Twitter Influencer Tools

The marketing landscape has changed considerably in recent years. Traditional methods of advertising are falling by the wayside as more businesses ditch easily blocked banner ads and pop-up subscription forms in favor of value-added content that consumers are keen to search out themselves. Unfortunately, with more companies uploading content, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make […]

What is Influencer Marketing? + Infographic

If you manage a business or brand, then you have definitely heard of influencer marketing before. But what, exactly, is it? And what is the best influencer marketing strategy that you can use to build your brand and increase sales? Here is a quick breakdown of influencer marketing and how to develop your own marketing […]

how to get more likes on instagram

How to Get More Likes on Instagram

There are over 800 million users on Instagram, yet, it’s harder than ever to get your Instagram account noticed. What gives? Well, there are millions of users pumping out quality content like it’s their day job (it is), leaving your Instagram account in the dust. Don’t worry, though. There are plenty of accounts for all […]